The Days Of Sinbad, The Handsome Young Merchant Hasan Quests Forth From Bassorah, Seeking Great Wealth But Lo The Hand Of Allah Sets The Youth Upon A Rare Journey Into The Heart Of Deadly Adventure, Unearthly Periland MagicEnslaved By The Alchemist Bahram, Bound Into A Camel S Corpse And Left On The Mountain Of Clouds To Be Devoured By A Roc Such Is The Beginning Of Hasan S Destiny For He Has Entered A World Of Mighty Jinns And Hideous Ifrits, Empires And Bejeweled [Piers Anthony] Ñ Hasan [young-adult-historical-fiction PDF] read Online Ì Jungle Palaces, Enigmatic Wizards And Cloistered Virgin Princesses And To Know His Life S Desire, Hasan Must Twice Capture The Love Of The Bird Maiden Sana The World S Most Beautiful Woman, Child Of The Vengeful King Of Jinns On The Dreaded Isles Of Wak Harken Ye Now To A Tale Of Exotic Mystery, Sensuous Beauty, And Strange Sorcery Solid Sinbad like adventure.
Piers Anthony has written some simply brilliant fantasy stories This is not one of those that I would regard as brilliant It feels like one of the earlier works by this author when he seemed to be focused on facts Later works show the vivid imagination escape, not this one Never the less Hasan is a good story and if you have enjoyed other stories by Piers Anthony then this is a very worthwhile read to see the writer in his early days I wouldn t suggest starting with this book from this author as you would get a wrong idea of how good he actually is and you may then not go on to read other books.
Arabian Nights style, detailed Interesting enough, and nicely elaborated.
Ë Hasan ð It was not terribly written Apparently it was based on a Arabian Nights tale which I havent read I was dissapointed to see that there was not much of a modern twist so far as women are concerned and disturbed at how highly sexist this was I can only describe it as a heterosexual Man s wet dream for the most part It did have a charming old fashioned story tone about it which I enjoyed However using words like Willy nilly clashed terribly with the writing style It was definately not the best read I experienced I am highly curious now to how women were treated in the original Arabian Nights tale now, I will be reading that to find out.
Youtube Review I was not all that impressed by this book It was essentially a retelling of some of the Arabian Nights tales, with a few twists Hasen is the main character, and the story starts with him getting taken in by an evil magician This magician captures him, and takes him far away on a boat He is beaten and threatened, and though he is saved, his naivety gets him captures again.
Once again, he is taken advantage, and is left to die Escaping, he comes to a palace where seven beautiful sisters adopt him as their brother During his stay, he captures a beautiful woman, who happens to change into bird form By taking away her cloak, he is able to capture her, eventually making her his wife.
Later in the story, she leaves him to go b This is a tale told to rival Sindbad the Sailor, Alladin, and Scheherazade, because after all, the author researched the 200 unexpurgated stories of the 10th century Arabian Nights, amounting to about 20 volumes of references Piers Anthony presents a story here that is worthy of inclusion in Arabian Nights The mixture of culture and religions in the story causes trouble for its inhabitants, but ultimately shed light on the motivations of many of them, and reveal a world that is every bit as complicated as our modern one, but with magic.
One of the great things about this story is the joy to be had from reading it.
What can I say Wow I read this book in two days Brilliant based on a tale of the Arabian nights Hasan and the bird maiden At times I jokingly said that it was Piers version of 50 Shades of Grey.
Do yourself the favour and read this book This very early novel by Piers Anthony was revised and published in book form in 1977, but the version I read and am reviewing here was the original, printed in two installments in the December, 1969 and February, 1970 issues of Fantastic magazine Vol 19, Nos 2 and 3 This, of course, required me to track down copies of the magazines, which proved neither difficult nor particularly expensive I have reached a tipping point with Anthony despite my love hate relationship with his writing favoring his sci fi leanings and groaning in exasperation over his proclivities for fantasy I am committed to reading eventually whatever I can lay my hands on of his This is primarily because his sci fi is very, very good In this case, however, although Hasan is planted firmly in the realm of fantasy, I found myself pleasantly surprised and grateful to have tracked down the original source o This book actually got me to think about history and how the present builds on the past If for no other reason, that made it worth reading.

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