Born At Caesarea In Palestine Late In The Th Century, Became A Lawyer InCE He Was Made Legal Adviser And Secretary Of Belisarius, Commander Against The Persians, And Went With Belisarius Again InAgainst The Vandals And InAgainst The Ostrogoths Sometime AfterHe Returned To Constantinople He May Have Been That Procopius Who Was Prefect Of Constantinople In , But The Date Of His Death AfterIs UnknownProcopius S History Of The Wars Inbooks Recounts The Persian Wars Of Emperors Justinus And Justinian Down To books The Vandalic War [Procopius] Ó De Bello Gothico [womens-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ó And After Events In Africa books The Gothic War Against The Ostrogoths In Sicily And Italy books And A Sketch Of Events To Book The Whole Consists Largely Of Military History, With Much Information About Peoples And Places As Well, And About Special Events He Was A Diligent, Careful, Judicious Narrator Of Facts And Developments And Shows Good Powers Of Description He Is Just To The Empire S Enemies And Boldly Criticises Emperor Justinian Other Works By Procopius Are The Anecdota Or Secret History Vehement Attacks On Justinian, Theodora, And Others And The Buildings Of Justinian Down ToCE Including Roads And Bridges As Well As Churches, Forts, Hospitals, And So On In Various Parts Of The EmpireThe Loeb Classical Library Edition Of Procopius Is In Seven Volumes

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