Senryu Review Scathing phone in hostdissects the cant, lies, blustermauling freedom s face A short read, but very good Unfortunately, those who should read this book never will.
The audiobook is narrated by the author, and I d recommend it also.
Day, James O Brien Listens To People Blaming Benefits Scroungers, The EU, Muslims, Feminists And Immigrants But What Makes James S Daily LBC Show Such Essential Listening And Has Made James A Standout Social Media Star Is The Careful Way He Punctures Their Assumptions And Dismantles Their Arguments Live On Air, Every Single MorningIn How To Be Right, James Provides A Hilarious And Invigorating Guide To Talking To People With Faulty Opinions With [James O'Brien] Ý How To Be Right [world-of-darkness PDF] read Online Ø Chapters On Every Lightning Rod Issue, James Shows How People Have Been Fooled Into Thinking The Way They Do, And In Each Case Outlines The Key Questions To Ask To Reveal Fallacies, Inconsistencies And Double StandardsIf You Ever Get Cornered By Ardent Brexiteers, Daily Mail Disciples Or Little England Patriots, This Book Is Your Conversation Survival Guide I Have Had A Ringside Seat As A Significant Swathe Of The British Population Was Persuaded That Their Failures Were The Fault Of Foreigners, That Unisex Lavatories Threatened Their Peace Of Mind And That All Muslims Must Somehow Apologise For Terror Attacks By Extremists I Have Tried To Dissuade Them And Sometimes Succeeded The Challenge Is To Distinguish Sharply Between The People Who Told Lies And The People Whose Only Offence Was To Believe Them James O Brien James O Brien is a talk radio host on LBC here in the UK A person with a Liberal conscious, he hosts this radio program and in a very incisive, clever way takes down most of the common arguments in our media regarding contemporary issues that get our lay population angry over subjects such as immigration, brexit, feminism and Trump all too often get listeners to ring in and think they know the answers who read our right wing, populist media such as what is spurned out from newspapers such as The Sun and Daily Mail which have a a wide readership amongst our general population Every common assumption, lets take Brexit as an example here arguing against the most commonly held assumption that immigrants are taking all our jobs away, undercutting the wages super interesting, I have a fair few thoughtsrtc I wanted to give this book four stars I like it It makes me think and makes me question myself But in places author felt too patronizing It nearly took off one of the stars, but then whilst contemplating over this book I happened to overhear completely different radio show with three callers in a row whose arguments made me stuck somewhere between incurable facepalm and anger And you know what, James O Brien deserves not only four or five, he deserves muchstars For patience and for the will to make conversations with people he will never agree with.
È How To Be Right È A lot of this could be considered preaching to the choir, and many of the radio show transcripts come across as a bit sneering and condescending It s actually better when he leaves his radio show behind in any case all the clips are available on youtube and just writes from his own perspective The later chapters on the age gap and millennials are the strongest, as he tackles wider issues and their socio economic causes and consequences.
O Brien s main point is a good one that many prejudices and ill informed views are never challenged, and when they are they evaporate almost immediately The title is a little misleading as this isn t a how to guide The main lesson is to do your homework and question everything.
A welcome voice in today s society.

I thought How To Be Right was excellent It is readable, thoughtful, intelligent and humane.
James O Brien writes very well indeed Drawing on his experience as a print journalist and then as a long standing and very successful radio phone in host, he dissects the prejudices, myths and downright lies which pollute our debates so badly these days What is so striking, though, is that he tries to believe that people are sincere but have been misled by powerful politicians, media outlets and the like, so he is less concerned with winning the argument than with trying to get people actually to analyse and justify their positions As he says and illustrates well with transcripts from his shows, the absurd, the vitriolic and the hateful rhetoric which is This was weird I totally agree with James o Brien s opinions, so I thought I would have liked this bookthan I did As it is, I did enjoy it but I didn t love it He came across as slightly patronising he seems to think hat the only reason people hate immigrants or find LGBT folk unpleasant or voted Brexit is because they ve been drip fed a diet of low level hatred for years and years by the Daily Mail And while that is certainly a factor, and while I think that the Daily Mail is horrific beyond measure, the author seems to overlook the fact that THESE PEOPLE ARE CAPABLE OF THINKING FOR THEMSELVES They have brains in their heads They don t have to believe everything they read Maybe they re just arseholes And while I would be very happy to see the Daily Mail banished to the depths of hell for all eternity, maybe we should be encouraging people

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