Accessibly Written And Superbly Illustrated Introduction To Armor Used For Battle, Tournament, And Ceremony This Engaging Book Offers An Introduction To And Overview Of Armor In Europe From The Middle Ages Through The Th Century, Focusing In Particular On The Th Century When Plate Armor Reached Its Peak Of Stylistic Beauty And Functional Perfection Created By Highly Skilled Arrs, Often In Cooperation With Noted Artists And Commissioned By Wealthy Patrons, Armor Was Worn For Centuries On The Battlefield, In Festive Tournaments, And For Ceremonial ¹ How to read European Armor ↠´ Download by ¹ Donald J.
Larocca Events Through Informative Discussions Of Representative Works From The Metropolitan Museums World Renowned Collection, This New Addition To The Popular How To read Series Shows What To Look For When Examining Armor, The Pieces That Make Up A Typical Suit Of Armor, How The Parts Work, The Various Methods Used To Decorate Armor, And How Armor Became An Important Part Of So Many Museum Collections Today The Book Features A Wealth Of New Photography Of Historically Important Armor And Other Works Of Art From The Metropolitan Museum And Select Pieces From Other Institutions é How to read European Armor é Arrived on time Great book with clear pictures and detailed explanation Haven t time to finish reading much but from what I have, it is informative.
While books about armor has been written for decades this new softcover book brings outstanding photographs and descriptions of the various components of armor Each page is a delightful view of armor.
Very good and interesting book All illustrations assist on grasping the idea behind evwry piece of armour.
The book is very well explained and organized Very well recommended Good explanations of well executed photographs Perfect.
This gorgeous and informative book is a steal at 20 Seriously, the ard imagery is exquisite Every page showcases ornate textural details and artistry.

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