From the very beginning, Hunting for a Mate was captivating I rated this book with five stars because it s well written and you ll appreciate Becca Fanning s unique style of writing, I fell in love with it Without giving any spoilers I ll tell you this her characters Clarissa, Helmut and Sven are well formed with intense feelings and a red hot passion that can t be denied I can t wait to read other works by Becca Fanning.
this is a raunchy book xx rating maybe if it was longer and had a story line that was interesting, it might have been better it looks like other people gave it stars so read it knowing that it is very explicit.
Can t make up my mind I really liked how the story began, I was caught immediately and I did like the story.
but I would have liked to get a better feel of the characters before they started the bumping grinding don t get me wrong, I love to read erotica but I also want there to be a story with love them or hate them characters I will be reading the next one just to see if anything develops.
ShortI liked the heat but you got there with no story Who what when and why, all that was missing.
Ñ Hunting for a Mate 1 ☆ Her great aunt sent her on a trip to spread her wings While on this trip she finds 2 hot men Can they catch her What eill happen next.

Pretty interesting This book was well written but it was short I believe it would be called a novella and part of a larger novel Reading the next in the series would be a wise choice.
Well that was a thing I read The beginning of the book drew me in, and I thought yes, I found something good here Unfortunately that was not the case Would have loved to get to know the characters a little before they got intimate with each other It simply didn t do it for me Will I recommend No Looked Up Into His Golden Eyes He Didn T Have To Say Anything I Brought Him To My MouthThis Was Just Supposed To Be A Fun Train Trip Through Norway A Break From All The Bullshit Back Home But These Two Gorgeous Stud Shifters Took Notice Of MeOh God, What Am I Doing I Watched My Pack Mate Take Her From Behind Despite His Frantic Thrusting, She Still Sought To Serve Her Alpha Good GirlIt Would Ve Been A Disgrace To Return [Becca Fanning] ☆ Hunting for a Mate 1 [world-war-i PDF] read Online ó Home Without Finding A Mate Sven And I Had Been All Over Europe Looking For Just The Right Girl Now That We Ve Found Her Petite, Curvy, Beautiful There S Just One Thing Left For Us To Do To Bring Her Into The PackOver , Words Of A Big Beautiful Woman Being Taken Roughly By An Alpha Male Shapeshifter And His Omega Pack Mate

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