Almost Fell Off The Top Of The Empire State Building Is A True Story Of Trauma And Survival From Lying On A New Jersey Highway With Cars Speeding By His Head In Both Directions, To Being Shot In The Head By A Manic Sniper And Almost Falling To His Death From The Top Of The Empire State Building, Joe Soll S Autobiography Details These Events And Than A Dozen Others In Which He Was Within An Inch Or A Second Of Instant Death Along The Way, [ Pdf I almost fell off the top of the Empire State Building  noir PDF ] by Joe Soll ¸ He Tells Of Being Sold In The Black Market As An Infant By An Infamous Baby Seller And An Impossible Search For His original Family His Struggle To Survive A Myriad Of Traumatic Events Overcoming Acrophobia So He Could Put Up Television Antennas On Some Of The Tallest Buildings In The World And Ultimately Becoming A Well Known Psychotherapist And Author Of Over A Half Dozen Self Help books And Mysteries A Truly Startling Event Occurs Just Before The Conclusion Of This Very Unique Book ↠´ I almost fell off the top of the Empire State Building ☆ An extraordinary book by adoption activist Joe Soll who gives a painfully honest account of the struggles of his life that began when he was taken from his mother as an infant and disposed of in a secret, illegal adoption His lifelong search to discover his identity is related in a very moving and compelling way It s a voyage of self discovery I loved it.

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