Destroyed A Continent Dethroned A God Now Her Love Will Destroy HimOathcursed, Book OneHilde Is Shunned For Her Strange Looks And Ability To Dream The Future, Both Unwelcome Gifts Of The Half Kyrbodan Blood That Flows In Her Veins One Of Those Dreams Summons The Legendary Mage, Ilfayne Beneath His Cynicism And Penchant For Melting Eyeballs, She Discovers A Tortured Man Driven By Demons As Cruel As Her Own And The Only Man Who Doesn T Recoil From HerCondemned To Four Thousand Years Of Loneliness And Regret, [Julia Knight] à Ilfayne's Bane [norman PDF] read Online à Ilfayne Finds A Rare Thing In Hilde A Friend For That, He Will Do Anything To Keep Her Safe Just As He Gathers The Courage To Reveal The Tender Feelings He Thought He D Lost, Her Kyrbodan Blood Forces Her To Bond With A Man Of Her Own Race To Deny The Bond Means She Could Die Either Way, She Is Lost To HimNow Llfayne S Oldest Enemy Has Resurfaced, A Sorcerer Who Will Stop At Nothing To Destroy Him Including Targeting Their Greatest Vulnerabilities Ilfayne S Hidden Love For Hilde, And Hilde S Guilt Wracked ConscienceWhen The Sorcerer Makes His Move, Hilde Holds The Lives Of Two Men In Her Hands And Faces A Terrible And Deadly Choice Loyalty Or Love Ilfayne s Bane by Julia Knight is a Fantasy novel wrapped in a love story It s rather well written and though it is not explicitly labeled YA Young Adult I do suspect that, but for one or two scenes, it skirts the border between YA and adult Fantasy fiction.
The story centers around Hilde, a half breed human with strange eyes who is treated like the town witch She does have dreams and sees portents, but tries to keep such things to herself She works in a tavern that her grandmother runs, until one night she is attacked She then decides to run away.
What ensues is a strange journey mystery where she meets two people of infamous reputation the wizard Ilfayne and his partner Regin They and their exploits are legendary, Ilfayne for his magic, Regin for his fighting Both rescue Hilde from attacks by Shadowmen, and bring her with them to Ainald, home of the kyrbodans It is there that Hild

Another disappointing read The writing here was a real problem it lacked clarity and was all over the place you often didn t know which characters were in a scene or who was talking The action jumped all over the place both in time as in events happened out of sync and in place The world building was poorly executed and the romance element was lacking any kind of tension or passion.
Not for me Well, Goodreads just ate my review I ll be doing an in depth one on my blog.
Either way strongly recommended for readers of high fantasy, particularly if you like the grand sweeping epic feel of the DragonLance series.

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