Just like the Illuminatium, it is a cheap oriented copy and paste of what would be their idealistic view what the now empty temple halls called the Illuminati could have been if it was a new age cult with a dash of monotheism Taking quotes from famous individuals which most have had nothing to do with the occult views or the occult school of thought at all, nor were they even close to the aspects nor understanding of such organizations in any shape or form Not only that, they profit from others and their words and place them under a banner of an entire book of wisdom which is far from anything that is wise, other than writing quotes on separate pages gotta fill those pages you know, to make it seem like it has a lot to offer with 50 pages It is shameful what these individuals are doing, Good, quick read Many good quotes and writings Quick to get through and sectioned off very well, so you are able to skip ahead if a particular writing doesn t interest you.
Valuable little book of quotes from some of the greatest minds the world has seen in one affordable place on your shelf, priceless.

Out of motivation Seeking a goal in life Depressed read this and find solution to all of the above.
I can safely say that it s a motivational book Each section begins with a quotation of some popular public figure and then explains that.
The book has covered a lot of aspects of life like health, wealth, knowledge wisdom, life death etc.
Read and boost your mind.
GoodStuff you know already, put in perspective.
Recommend for those looking to what they know already to be told to them.
Very nice book ↠´ Illuminations ↠´ Good one Good book of thoughts Easy read but each page is filled with good thoughts and quotes Good for a daily dose of inspiration Is A Key To Wealth, Health, And Happiness More Valuable Than Knowledge, Wisdom Is Gained By Learning From The Past To Find Solutions In The Present By Examining The Words Of Presidents, Philosophers, Billionaires, And Thought Leaders, Any Person Can Bridge The Gap Between Where They Are And Where They Are Meant To Be Divided Into Ten Easy To read Sections, Illuminations Exposes Secrets Of Prosperity Found In The Words And Teachings Of This Trailer ✓ Illuminations PDF by ¹ Illuminatiam Planet S Greatest Minds, Including Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, JK Rowling, Epicurus, Mahatma Gandhi, And Dozens Topics Include Power Leadership Love Relationships Wealth Success Fame Prestige Knowledge Wisdom Choices Decisions Hardships Bravery Science Belief Health Healing Life Death Presented In Beautiful Pages With Artwork Throughout, Illuminations Is A Compass For All Who Seek Lives Of Greatness To illuminate The past is definable and if we retain To illuminate The past is definable and if we retain the definitions it will allow us to define our future.
UpliftingGreat quotes, with great philosophy This is an easy read that leaves a lasting impression It would make a great gift.

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