Young Man Takes Three Journeys, Through Greece, India And Africa He Travels Lightly, Simply To Those Who Travel With Him And Those Whom He Meets On The Way Including A Handsome, Enigmatic Stranger, A Group Of Careless Backpackers And A Woman On The Edge He Is The Follower, The Lover And The Guardian Yet, Despite The Man S Best Intentions, Each Journey Ends In Disaster Together, These Three Journeys Will Change His Whole Life A Novel Of Longing And Thwarted Desire, Rage And Compassion, [ Pdf In a strangge room: three journeys ☆ metallurgy PDF ] by Damon Galgut Û In A Strange Room Is The Hauntingly Beautiful Evocation Of One Man S Search For Love, And A Place To Call Home I m weary of dreary.
I know it s an act of book reviewing apostasy, but I ve had it with the exquisitely crafted sighs of depressed men And that s not just the eggnog talking Honestly, how many times do we have to praise the stark story of a wandering, alienated man that Hemingway perfected in The Sun Also Rises way back in 1926 Every year adds two or three haunting masterpieces to this respected subgenre This year s top entries included Joshua Ferris s grave The Unnamed, Dinaw Mengestu s somber How to read the Air and now Damon Galgut s In a Strange Room, which was a finalist for the Man Booker Prize The lyrics differ a little but the melody of these dirges doesn t change existential angst gliding along one spare, cool paragraph after another, like a Giacometti statue strutting out of the Iowa Writers Workshop I ve put in my time with these narrators, and I v Things happen once only and are never repeated, never return Except in memory.
A young South African man travels through Greece, Africa and India Three journeys, three continents, different people intersecting his life The journeys take place years apart, with him as the only connecting thread In the three stories he is alternately a follower, a lover and a guardian, and we hear the stories from the man he would become, who is looking at him years hence, reliving the three journeys from a distant future He is nameless for the first 104 pages out of 180 Then we find out that his name is Damon, and so we assume it is, partly at least, the author and he has admitted the book is based on real events, selected and retold as seen through the prism of memory The narrator admits as much Memory is patchy and intermittent again, why are certain vistas, certain stretches of a path, so de Unobtrusive words, nothing fancy or overworked, no backflips or showiness The effect however is heart wrenching Damon Galgut surgically cuts to the vital And leaves you gasping for air There was some discussion when this book made the Booker shortlist in 2010 Is it a novel Not in any conventional sense, no Three accounts of journeys undertaken by a character called Damon, referred to in the third person mostly Galgut is ready to admit that this is indeed himself, and that the events depicted did actually take place and that the narrating I occasionally looks back on his former self and cannot quite recall what he was wearing or what he dreamt of that night So surely that would make it memoir or travelogue But experience has been recast into story, beaten and burnished until it rings clear, a shimmering quiver of remorse, of è In a strangge room: three journeys ☆ I don t know if it s something in me or something in the book that makes me think of its title as In a Dark Room, which is not like me at all, as I m a stickler for exact titles There is much darkness here, but the work is focused on the strange not familiar rooms not literal the writer character finds himself in as he travels excessively and obsessively, it sometimes seems.
This is a hybrid sort of book It s listed as fiction, but the author names his character Damon and uses both I and he to describe himself, depending on whether he is referring to himself as he looks at himself from a distance or is writing about the moment, in the moment, as best he remembers Sometimes it reads as a type of travel memoir, but then again only at rare times does the actual place seem to be important Generally, the place is not the point, though the moving The Space Between the LinesOpen any page of Galgut s 2010 novel, and you will see that, instead of being set close together as is the usual practice, there is a full line of white space between paragraphs, giving a curiously open look to the page And where the page consists mostly of dialogue, without even quotation marks or the he said, she said indicators, the effect is both striking and curiously unsettling, as though there is nothing to root the book in reality or link its parts together Were this a cheap publication, I might put this down to poor typography, but not so with Europa books, who are always meticulous about presentation It is as though Galgut, whose most recent book is Arctic Summer, a biographical novel a There are certain writers one discovers, whose works one reads, consumes, as if they were writing directly to you, for you Damon Galgut is such an author for me This is the fourth novel a trio of novellas, actually I ve read by him, and it s the most intensely personal, and perhaps along with The Good Doctor, the most beautiful and harrowing.
You can find other reviews to tell you plot, etc I ll say simply that Galgut is one of the most authentic and significant novelists writing today His writing matters.
Like Coetzee in Boyhood, Galgut writes about himself in the third person However, he also slips into first now and then I didn t don t try to make sense of this I trust him His sense of the novel, of fi How do you sit down and write a review for a book that deep down you know not just speaks for you but in its own strange way represents you Yes represents you, or whatever that is you You don t, you can t You sit and close your eyes and let all the thoughts the book evoked within you turn inside your head, one after another like waves crashing on the shore Some day when the stirring has settled, I will write I know I will.
For now, all I can say is just that this book has been written makes me somehow feel less weird That this book exists in its form and content brings a certain peace This book shouldn t have ended.
Here s an extract Jerome, if I can t make you live in words, if you re only the dim evocation of a face under a fringe of hair, and others too, Alice and Christian and Roderigo, if you are names without a THE STRANGER INSIDE ME I libri sono viaggi ma perch solo i libri, non lo l Arte in genere e questo romanzo di Galgut, composto da tre racconti lunghi usciti sulla Paris Review con lo stesso protagonista in tre fasi diverse della vita, in apparenza un libro di viaggio tre continenti, Africa in lungo e in largo, Sudafrica, Lesotho, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Marocco , Europa Grecia, Svizzera, Londra, Parigi , Asia India.
Andr Thijssen.
Ma non un libro che appartenga alla letteratura di viaggio Perch i luoghi sono solo sfondi descritti soprattutto come paesaggi interiori.
Perch le condizioni umane sociali e politiche dei posti attraversati sono meno che fondali, sono pressoch inesistenti.
E infatti i titoli dei tre racconti non dicono nulla sul viaggio, molto di pi sul viaggiatore il seguace, l amante, il guardiano e cio , il potere, l a, la cura I read this while travelling and the unfamiliar surroundings, the new vistas, the waking up in a strange room added an extra dimension to this already challenging reading experience Galgut steps outside the conventions Not for him the adherence to a plot or the limiting of himself to details related to that plot He writes life as she is lived The three interlinked accounts in this novel seem as aimless as the journeys undertaken by the main character, who is mostly referred to simply as he , but occasionally, and at significant moments, referred to as I and once briefly, as Damon There is no point here in asking why things happen, why such and such a character has been introduced or whether he will appear again There is no point in questioning the characters motives The reader must simply relax into Galgut s world and enjoy the perfect balance and simplicity of the writing.

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