A third way through the book I had to put it down, this rarely happens to me I tried very hard to read it, if you put the s down to buy you want read it I must preface this review with the fact I m an emotional void in true life and books getting involved in relationships real and written should be avoided at all costs I also spent a number of years in the Army, thus hippies, holding hands and singing in circles with happy clappers, existentialist god and mung bean books leave me cold I do like chick peas and lentils though In my defence I was looking for SciFi, in front of me I had a book from a previous author I remember liking from my dim past and a very pretty cover that screamed my needs are about to be meet I consider I was misdirected than I chose poorly The intro mentioned all the SciFi I was looking for, derelict ship, first contact and the f Todo indica que el cometacaro impactar con la Tierra pr ximamente El astronauta Nigel Walmsley se dirige a investigar el cometa e intentar volarlo con cargas explosivas Pero pronto se lleva una sorpresa que cambiar la manera de afrontar la misi ncaro no es un cometa, sino una nave En el oc ano de la noche In the Ocean Night, 1977 , de Gregory Benford, es la primera novela de llamado Ciclo del Centro Gal ctico, formado por seis t tulos El arranque es francamente bueno, pero ese sentido de la maravilla se va perdiendo a lo largo de la historia, ya que se centra demasiado en los problemas personales de Nigel El libro est bien escrito y no aburre.
Started off strong with asteroids and mysterious aliens, but then, near the end Big foot I m not even kidding Big foot.
50% Intriguing science fiction25% Inter personal relationships that are at least mildly interesting20% Lame social and religious blah blah 4% Random digressions into poetry yeah, I don t quite get that 1% Big foot No, seriously Benford s weakest novel The only good thing about this mess is very vivid scene of threesome sex,wich is kind of sad for science fiction novel.
Seqeuls to this book are far better.
Introduction EssayCover Artist Don Dixon NASA Astronaut Nigel Walmsley Is Sent On A Mission To Intercept A Rogue Asteroid On A Collision Course With Earth Ordered To Destroy The Comet, He Instead Discovers That It Is Actually The Shell Of A Derelict Space Probe A Wreck With Just Enough Power To Emit A Single Electronic Signal Then A Reply Is Heard Searching For The Source Of This Signal That Comes ✓ read In the Ocean of Night by Gregory Benford í From Outside The Solar System, Nigel Discovers The Existence Of A Sentient Ship When The New Vessel Begins To Communicate Directly With Him, The Astronaut Learns Of The Horrors That Await Humanity For The Ship Was Created By An Alien Race That Has Spent Billions And Billions Of Years Searching For Intelligent Lifeto Annihilate ItIn the Ocean of Night Is A Hard Science Fiction Novel By Gregory Benford It Is The First Novel In His Galactic Center Saga It Was Nominated For The Nebula Award For Best Novel In It Was First Published As A Novelette In The May June Edition Of Worlds Of If Science Fiction

An OK read, difficult to become invested in the characters.
white british dude whose only personality trait is getting irrationally angry at complete strangers about religion goes from being in a polyamorous relationship with two women to getting a petite Japanese manic pixie dream girl to fall in love with him via impressing her with weed and being incredibly patronizing towards her and of course those three women are the only ones in the entire novel plus the occasional misogynistic introspection from the pretentious white british dude the scifi stuff is okay, standard machines vs organics stuff, ending made 0 sense.
In the Ocean of Night ò Dreary, mysoginistic crap Combining all the very worst aspects of Clarke, Asimov, and Heinlein, with nothing that made any of those three any good.
I thought Heart of the Comet was pretty bland when I read it way back when, but this set impressive new lows.
Back to the second hand bookshop with you, book, and I m not even bothering to crack open the sequel.
Before discussing the book itself, it seems appropriate to consider its theme, which is pretty simple and familiar humans vs artificial intelligence That s a conflict that has been envisioned for a long time at least since the middle eastern golem folklore, followed by works such as Frankenstein and The Island of Dr Moreau At present, with the rapid technological progress of computer based AI, the opposition between humans and intelligent machines robots is as heatedly debated as ever That conflict could become even intense, especially if the machine side is ultimately represented, as this book postulates, by things whose origins not hinted at explicitly in the present work aren t of this planet.
The question in all this that s often not addresse loved the lifting sweep as a misty dust of snow sprang up beneath the machine like chiming crystals attempting to fly anew farewell this unflagging energy of the mind he loved the most as each sense in turn made a fresh grab at the greased pig which was the world even as he waves upward at the veiled white faces receding,a good representation of the incoherence ,that is this book

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