¹ INDIANA Ú George Sand s INDIANA dramatizes and explores a wide variety of concerns in the nineteenth century with a brilliance one rarely finds in a first novel Arranged marriages, what it means to be a Creole, colonialism and plantation profiteering, slavery, the beginnings of the deterioration of Old Europe, and the rise of the businessman In terms of narrative style, this may be one of the most unique novels I have read The use of narrator to facilitate multiple endings is ingenious as well as baffling Once you get to the end and discover who the narrator is or could be, you will likely want to re read the novel, and voila It s like experiencing the novel for the first time It is a very rare talent indeed to create one novel for a first reading and a second novel for a second reading It s a mystery to me how Sand has lost much of her notoriety This novel is far supe Premier Roman D Une Jeune Femme Vivant Courageusement Sa Solitude Apr S Un Mariage Rat Et Quelques Aventures Aussi Passionn Es Que D Cevantes, A Fait George Sand Et C Est Travers L Criture Que Celle Ci A Conquis Sa Libert , Sa Dignit De Femme, Son Identit M Me La Cause Que Je D Fendais, Dira T Elle Plus Tard, Est Celle De La Moiti Du Genre Humain, Celle Du Genre Humain Tout Entier Car Le Malheur De La [GEORGE SAND] · INDIANA [multicultural-literature PDF] read Online ¹ Femme Entra Ne Celui Du Ma Tre Et J Ai Crit INDIANA Avec Le Sentiment Non Raisonn , Mais Profond Et L Gitime, De L Injustice Et De La Barbarie Des Lois Qui R Gissent Encore L Existence De La Femme Dans Le Mariage, Dans La Famille Et Dans La Soci T I agree with all the laudatory comments about this novel Yes, as a first novel it is extraordinary However, this translation is poor The Kessinger Classics editing is poor There are many typos At the introduction of Raymon in the early part of the book, four sentences are repeated Some words are clearly mistranslated, such as Raymon describing INDIANA as an organization , which should have been a delicate organism I have been a customer of for many years, and this is the first time I have felt cheated I have been sold a defective book when other editions in English translation are available at a lower price I recommend this novel, just not this edition.

Wow I can see why this novel was an instant success when published It has beautiful prose, even though it is filled with the flowery language and some unfamiliar words of the period It is an important book and should be read by anyone wanting to read classics of the time That said, it has universal appeal and lessons for today, as well I am reading historical fiction about Sand s life The Dream Lover at the same time and can imagine Sand writing INDIANA all through the night as Berg explains in Dream Lover In INDIANA, one can see themes underlying the plot on many layers One layer is the social s for men and women, with a double standard and oppression of women privileges men have just because of their gender, economic dependency of women on men where a husband was in charge of his Henrik Ibsen sA Doll s House Literary Touchstone Edition, written in 1879, was one of those school assignment books that I had to read in high school or was it college I should give it a re read, now that there is no test on it It was billed as one of the first works that addressed a woman s place often unhappy in marriage, and to a larger extent, society It remains one of the most frequently performed plays in the world today Yet almost half a century earlier, a female author, George Sand, no doubt reflecting some painful experience, wrote this novel whose central theme is essentially the same, and it is richer and complex thanA Doll s House Literary Touchstone Edition, and sadly overlooked by the modern reader, including, until the past week, by this reviewer INDIANA was published in 1832 when Sand was only 28, yet seems to contain a full lifeti

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