Now Dominates The Globe, Both In Economics And Ideology, Shapes Every Aspect Of Our World And Influences Everything From Laws, Wars And Government To Interpersonal Relationships Introducing Capitalism Tells The Story Of Its Remarkable And Often Ruthless Rise, Evolving Through Strife And Struggle As Much As Innovation And Enterprise Tracing Capitalism From Its Beginning To The Present Day, Dan Cryan And Sharron Shatil, Alongside Piero S Brilliant Graphics, Look At Its Practical And Theoretical Impact They Cover The Major Economic, Social And Political Developments Û Introducing Capitalism × Download by ✓ Dan Cryan That Shaped The World We Live In, Such As The Rise Of Banking, The Founding Of America And The Opium WarsThis Book Explores The Leading Views For And Against, Including Thinkers Like Adam Smith, Karl Marx, Theodor Adorno And Milton Friedman, Together With The Connections Between Them And Their Historical Context Capitalism Has Influenced Everything In The St Century World For Anyone Who Wants To Gain A Broad Understanding Of This Fascinating Subject, This Book Cuts Across Narrow Academic Lines To Analyse An All Encompassing Feature Of Modern Life A muchinformative book than I had expected I didn t understand all of it, but it was definitely a valuable introduction to capitalism The balance between introducing concepts and informative level of detail is well grasped, I think one is given enough detail to make the concepts meaningful but not too much that it s incomprehensible.
Good Short ReadThis book is good short read and high level overview on capitalism From its origin until modern times The graphics aided in understanding the content.
You can t change improve the system if you don t understand it You can love capitalism, you can hate capitalism, but you definitely can not ignore Capitalism It is one of the most successful and also the most controversial ideas ever It has such a huge impact on our everyday lives that you just can t disregard it This book provides a succinct and excellent explanation of such a controversial idea I personally find these Introducing Graphic guides series really awesome and useful You can learn so much If you think the information provided in this short little book is not enough, the Further Reading section will surely help.
Ï Introducing Capitalism ✓ A little bit liberal leaning considering it s talking about Capitalism.
However, the first part of the book gives some very interesting info on how the first bank systems were created the Templar knights Plus I learned a littleabout Marx, and Fukuyama is pretty cool.
I started to read this series of books because these books contains lots of useful information about each topic I am really satisfied by the book However, the author could concenterate ondetails of Islamic Capitalism They provide just two pages.
Strongly recommended.
We live in a visual culture One indication of this is the number of graphic non fiction books that are published I read as many of them as I can This book is one of a series which I shall probably pursue There is a great deal of text in this small 4 x 6 volume There are many direct quotes from the theorists of capitalism as well as useful historical data However, it is all made easier to absorb by the graphics that accompany the information We see miniature drawn versions of the various thinkers along with images illustrating their points For example, while an illustrated Marx is explaining social contradictions, there is a picture at the top of the page of a stereotyped image of a worker and a banker pulling on a dollar As Milton Friedman is explaining Monetarism vs Keynesianism, there is a picture of him with scales and on the opposite page the scale One of the better Introducing books graphic guides The book touches upon all the major thinkers and philosophers to advance capitalistic theory, as well as their critics An excellent resource for a general overview of capitalism s past, present, and future which honestly doesn t seem to be too bright We might just be towards the tail end of history, which is a very scary thought in my opinion I m going to be thinking about what I ve read in this book for some time to come I ll just end this review with one of the quotes in the book from Herbert Marcuse Mass media is really a tool for constructing people s consciousness on a mass scale It makes it possible to broadcast the same information to millions at once So the way the masses A basic history of capitalism.
A better title might be, Intro to EconomicsThis is a short look at not just capitalism but several economic theories I feel the author was rather biased in their view of capitalism and did their best to juxtapose it with socialism and Marxism I dare say there is just as much time, if not , spent on these and other leftist ideas than on capitalism A better title might have been, an introduction to economics.

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