I was pleasantly surprised what a good study of Israel war with Lebanon in 1982 I had purchased in this instant history book.
Although I do not agree with all of the books conclusions it does appear that as all too common in this region and many others that Israel went into this war without due diligence Everyone in the Israeli leadership had their own goals and aims Many did not realise that they were going to war So Israel went into the conflict without a plan how to fight This probably costed them many troops lives.
On the Lebanese side, it appears the Phalangist desperate to remain in power made promises that they never intended or could deliver I found it strange that never did Israel top leadership ask experts who I am sure they had many, to review the situation there for them first Once Israel was in Lebanon, it found itself without any major ally Condemned ↠´ Israel's Lebanon War Ä Without doubt this is the definite account of the 1982 war in Lebanon, although the reader who isinterested in the military aspects of the campaign should read also Samuel Katz s excellent Israeli Tank Battles The authors give plenty of information regarding the dark motives of the israeli policy in Lebanon, the alliance with the Christian Maronites and the complex games played by Ariel Sharon Defense Minister of Israel and Bashir Gemayel The most astonishing fact in the book is the way that one minister Sharon dragged a government and a whole nation in a war adventure without telling the truth and not explaining his objectives from the beginning The campaign of 1982 never was intented to go far beyond the Litani river, but eventually the IDF reached Beirut and put it under siege for months Also, the clash with the Syrians in the Bekaa valley was Sharon s choice and the israe

The Lebanese civil war is one of the most complicated conflicts of the modern era Then take into account Israel s invasion, occupation, PLO retreat, Syrian, Iranian, US and French involvement and you have a quagmire or sifting loyalties, death, destruction, retreats and military disasters with long term repercussions.
This book does a great job at explaining the situation as it was in 1982 Sharon s belief in striking a major blow at an elusive enemy growing stronger by the day in a foreign country, his deceptive military plan and the establishments trust in a war hero to do what he will.
The book also chronicles the sifting loyalties between Sunni, Shite, Druze, PLO, Christian and Syrian players and correctly depicts the ruling Christian Phalange party as a mafia organization that Israel wrongly placed its trust in.
Ariel Sharon is roasted in this book and for good reason, his dece Detailed Narrative By Two Israeli Journalists On The Origins, Conduct, And Political Repercussions Of The Lebanon War, Based On Previously Unreleased Documents And Interviews With High Õ Israel's Lebanon War ☆ Download by ↠´ Ze'ev Schiff Officials

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