Õ Iwm ☆ In 1914, Great Britain was under the greatest threat of invasion since the Spanish Armada Even the Armada did not manage to land its troops inland But against the Germans the threat could not be anyreal, that there were zeppelin bombings and everything, the British public was whipped into nationalistic frenzy at first with anti German hysteria However, the Brits held on With rationing, war drive and so on, Great Britain experienced what it is called total war And when the war is finally over in 1918, nobody would expect that they would be doing the same all over again.
Country Needs YOU Was The Poster Slogan That Shouted Out To Many During World War I And Indeed, It Did As Men Of All Ages Joined The Forces And Left Their Homes And Jobs, So Those Left Behind Were Forced To Step Up And Take Their Place Food Shortages, Rationing, The First Blitz, And The Appearance Of Women In The Workplace All Became Familar Drawing On The Archives Of The Imperial War Museum, Author Terry Charman Presents A Lively Portrait Of Life On The Home Front ☆ read å Iwm by Terry Charman » In World War I Filled With Absorbing First Hand Accounts Taken From Diaries, Letters, And Newspaper Reports, The Changing Life In Britain BetweenAndIs Revealed In Vivid And Immensely Personal Detail By The People Who Actually Lived Through It From The Draconian Effects Of DORA Defence Of The Realm Act To The Threat Of Zeppelin Raids, To Government Propaganda And The Power Of The Press, Iwm The First World War On The Home Front Recalls How The People Of Britain Not Only Faced Up To The Threats To Their Country But Also Prepared For The Fact That Life In Britain Would Never Be The Same

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