What a wonderful book I love Jasmine, and I cannot wait foradventures in future books Jasmine has such a fun personality She is so determined to make a mark in her family s mochi making traditions, you can t help but root for her Kendall At Farrar, Straus And Giroux Has Preempted A Chapter Book Series By Debbi Michiko Florence, About Headstrong Eight Year Old Jasmine Toguchi And Her Japanese American Family The First Book, Jasmine Toguchi, Mochi Queen, Is About Yearning To Be Part Of A Fun Family Tradition, Even If It S Not Something Girls Typically Do Publication Begins In Spring Trailer ↠´ Jasmine Toguchi, Mochi Queen PDF by ↠´ Debbi Michiko Florence Jasmine Toguchi Mochi Queen by Debbi Michiko Florence is a wonderful story about a strong third grader named Jasmine I fell in love with Jasmine on page one when she said, I, Jasmine Toguchi, do not like to clean But I do like to climb trees, eat dessert, and make messes She s spunky, brave, and determined to break tradition This eight year old girl can do anything she sets her mind to In the end, she learns that strength isthan the muscles on your skinny arms As her sister Sophie says, You re strong.
And I m not talking about muscles You believe in something and you don t let anyone change your mind Love Jasmine Highly recommend this heart warming read I received an arc for an honest review.
Jasmine Toguchi, a young Japanese American girl, wants to help her family make mochi for the new year, a family tradition that brings family members in from near and far, including her grandmother and aunts and uncles and several cousins But, according to family tradition, she is too young to be part of the mochi making and is expected to stay on the sidelines and do younger kid stuff Meanwhile, her bossy and not so pleasant older sister and her mean cousin get to help Jasmine is frustrated and upset She feels the injustice deeply She wants to help, to be able to part of this exciting process and though she keeps being told she can help soon when she s ten I think, so two years she refuses to take no for an answe So fantastic I loved Jasmine s determination, and the details about mochi and the family s traditions were so well described and explained.
å Jasmine Toguchi, Mochi Queen å What an admirable and adorable effort from eight year old Jasmine to prove to her family that she is strong enough to pound mochi with the boys Points for incorporating Japanese American identity and cultural traditions, well developed characters, and some sibling rivalry love.

a really cute story about a Japanese American girl wanting to join the family tradition of making mochi but bumping up against rules of age and gender that say she can t help of course, the rules are nothing to a girl with a will Move over Ramona Quimby, there s a new feisty little sister on the pages Jasmine Toguchi is dying to be a part of her family s traditional mochi making event, but everyone tells her she s just not old enough yet She ll show THEM It was an absolute delight to read this early chapter book and see Jasmine s fierce determination to prove she IS old enough and IS strong enough and she CAN pound mochi even though she s a girl There are beautiful black and white illustrations interspersed with the text, and the story is written in a perfect style and level for grades 1 3 I would highly recommend this as a grade read aloud in these grades with a mochi making party when the book is finished there is an easy to make recipe in the back I can t wait to share this book E ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelineJasmine is looking forward to her family s New Year celebration Her grandmother is coming from Japan to spend a month, and her cousins and aunts and uncles will be spending two days making mochi, a Japanese treat made by pounding sticky rice and molding it into shapes They will then have their New Year s celebration Jasmine is angry that her older sister, Sophie, is allowed to help in the kitchen because she is over ten Jasmine is not, so she gets stuck babysitting younger cousins She decides that she wants to help anyway, and wants to break with tradition even further to help pound the rice instead of mold the balls Her cousin Eddie makes fun of her, her grandmother is shocked and dismayed, but Jasmine s parents give Jasmine a chance to prove herself Strengths The strong family support network was good to see, and I liked that Jasmine also had

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