About a decade ago I was at rock bottom and about to take my life when I was hit with an unexpected experience that saved and changed my life, this turned out to be what can be called Gnosis amongst other things to other cultures for example alchemy or becoming the buddha Since that time I fell back down to the usual human experience due to still being surrounded by sleeping bodies, I believe my frustration clouded me from my our center Anyway this book just reminded me of my experience and helped me regain the glint in my eye onceHighly recommended to both those who have awoke and need a refresher and those who are curious I hope all who read this achieve this unveiling too for it is the ultimate reality Know thyself.
Very well documented claims made by the authors Certainly an interesting reading that makes you think and look into yourself It would also help bringing positions and views closer, if people read it and found the similar concepts underlying several religions.
This is a replacement copy as I re read it in the summer and then lost it Some synchronicity there It is too good a read not to have as a reference and re read copy, so this I have done with this one I have read all of the Freke and Gandy books on Gnosticism and this one particularly is so informative and challenges outdated ideas of what three major religions presents as Gospel in easy to read and understandable language Everyone should read this in my humble opinion Life changing.
An exceptional book which confirmed my beliefs and understanding on a deeper level Well researched and referenced, encouraging further study Terminology difficult to understand at times but this leads to re reading in order to digest and interpret This book has also boosted my self belief and creativity Thank you.
Ò Jesus and the Lost Goddess: The Secret Teachings of the original Christians  Great read I read the book because kundalini awakening had guided me to it Thank you It s a must read The deliberate loss of the divine feminine in religion is uncovered in this book in a way that is enjoyable and memorable.
Were The Teachings Of The original Christians Brutally Suppressed By The Roman Church Because They Portray Jesus And Mary Magdalene As Mythic Figures Based On The Pagan Godman And Goddess Because They Show That The Gospel Story Is A Spiritual Allegory Encapsulating A Profound Philosophy That Leads To Mythical Enlightenment Because They Have The Power To Turn The World Inside Out And Transform Life Into An Exploration Of Consciousness Drawing On Modern Scholarship, The ¹ Jesus and the Lost Goddess: The Secret Teachings of the original Christians ☆ Download by ↠´ Timothy Freke Authors Of The International Bestseller The Jesus Mysteries Decode The Secret Teachings Of The original Christians For The First Time In Almost Two Millennia And Theorize About Who The original Christians Really Were And What They Actually Taught In Addition, The Book Explores The Many Myths Of Jesus And The Goddess And Unlocks The Lost Secret Teachings Of Christian Mysticism, Which Promise Happiness And Immortality To Those Who Attain The State Of Gnosis, Or Enlightenment This Daring And Controversial Book Recovers The Ancient Wisdom Of The original Christians And Demonstrates Its Relevance To Us Today Brilliant value

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