the 1st story was Viva las vampires Jennifer Ashley it was an excellent Vampire romance story From the very first page i was enthralled all of the characters were all very well written Meredith and stephan what a couple i think i have read her stories before But WOW definitely loved this one she described 2 different breeds of vampires the living dead and the dead vampires and how they were different very good story.
The 2nd story bring out your dead Katie Macalister i really love all of her dark ones books they are excellent This was sebastian story and he pops up in her other books from time to time so reading his story was really cool Sebastian and Ysabella make a very good couple they had to fight a demon but everything worked out in the end and Sebastian had to work on forgiveness But that was cool Another great one from Katie Macalister I hope she Registered on Bookcrossing A Moravian Dark One Who Must Take On Zombies And An Angst Ridden Teenage Vampire To Win The Love Of His Soul Mate, To A Sunbathing Vampire Who Finds The Woman Of His Dreams In Vegas, This Hilarious Collection Of Paranormal Romances Celebrates The Lives And Loves Of The Immortal UndeadContains Viva Las Vampires By Jennifer Ashley, Bring Out Your Dead By Katie MacAlister, And Lucy And The Crypt Casanova By Minda [Katie MacAlister] Â Just One Sip [polyandry PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ Webber I love Katie MacAlister and her humour Reading her books I feel like I m watching the Gil girls with the wit and effortless conversation of the characters I enjoyed the other sorry stories in this collection as well, and will checkout Jennifer Ashley in the future.
From Publishers Weekly Quirky visions of vampire love animate this collection of three original novellas by paranormal romance authors MacAlister author of the popular Dark Ones series , Ashley Penelope and Prince Charming and Webber The Remarkable Miss Frankenstein I ok ✓ Just One Sip ✓ This book was okay, but really I can only say that because of one story in it.
The first story, Viva Las Vampires, by Jennifer Ashley has some interesting points to it Vampire Master has to find the one to fall in love with him or he will die Also there are two kinds of vamps one hot, one cold The warm vamps arehuman and can go out in the sun and are warm They are willing to become vampires and are turned while still alive The others are like the typical vampires were all know with no sunlight,predatory, and cold to the touch Other than that, the story was a little boring.
The second story, Bring Out Your Dead, by Katie MacAlister was the best story in the book, even if I have already read it in another short story compilation Bring in the Dark Ones, vampires w

The reviews on this book aren t very good, but I went out and got the book anyway because I am reading the Dark Ones Series by Katie MacAlister and this is 4.
5 in the series I was hoping people were just being hard on the book, but sadly they were not.
This book contains three novellas I am not a fan of books like this as I find the stories tend to be detailed up until the most important part, the ending Then they ALWAYS seem to feel rushed This still stood true for this book of novellas The best story for me is the one by Katie MacAlister, which is the second story I enjoyed that is gave insight into another Dark One from the series The ending felt rushed and there is a character who speaks a lot of french, which is really annoying to read when you don t speak French I doubt it was of any importance, alt Story 1 Viva Las Vampires by Jennifer AshleyMerideth Black heads to Las Vegas to research her next book on Vampires and stays at Transylvania Castle Hotel a hotel themed around Vampires and things that go bump or is it Boom Boom Boom in the night She is hoping to get an interview with the elusive hotel owner Stefan Erickson for her book a request that has been denied about 20 times before she came to the hotel Lucky for her Stefan spots her on a security camera when she walks in and is immediately intrigued with her He calls the desk clerk and Merideth soon finds herself on her way to the penthouse to meet the mysterious owner This was a really fun story and I wantedwhen it was done It was by far the best story in the book for me and I will be looking upJennifer Ashley books n This was definitely a mixed bag1st story was by an author I have never read before Jennifer Ashley and was about an author visiting a vampire hotel in Vegas I enjoyed the story and may go on to read other stories by the author.
The 2nd story was by one of my favorite authors, Katie MacAlister I speak french fairly fluently, but I imagine that one of the characters in this story would become very annoying to a reader who didn t have any knowledge of french Every sentence out of her mouth is a combination of french and english The story gave me a couple chuckles, but it is definitely not my favorite story she s ever written Still, if you have read the Dark Ones series, it s definitely worth checking this out from the library to read the story for the series completion s sake.
The 3rd story stunk to me I haven t read the author before, and I will not go out of my way to read anyst

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