Citati, Author Of Highly Acclaimed Biographies Of Goethe And Tolstoy, Now Brings The Full Power Of His Intellect And Perception To A Major New Psychobiography Of One Of The Most Brilliant Yet Personally Elusive Writers Of The Twentieth Century Franz Kafka This Is A Completely Convincing Exploration And Recreation Of Kafka S Life Not So Much Its Daily Events Although The Emotional Architecture Of The Great Friendship With Max Brod, Kafka S Tormented Relationship With His Father, The Extraordinary Courtships Of Felice Bauer And Milena Jesensk , Are [ Pdf Kafka ☆ vegetarian PDF ] by Pietro Citati ↠´ All Wonderfully Opened To Fresh Insight As His Inner Life, And The Continuous And Astonishing Process By Which Kafka Lived His Stories, Lived In The World Of Fantasy And Literature, And Made His Writings Metaphorical Mirrors Of His Innermost LifeCitati Leads Us Into The Darkness Literally Into Those Hours Between Ten At Night And Six In The Morning When Kafka Learned, In His Cramped Little Passageway Room In His Parents Apartment, To Leave Behind The Neurasthenic Anguishes That Tormented Him By Day, And To Submerge Himself In A Superhuman And Terrible Serenity, To Gain Access To A Place The Story Where Everything Was Placated And Set Onto The Right Path And Here We Watch The Miracle Take Place That Makes Him Unique Among Modern Writers The Exploration Of An Inner Darkness That Loses None Of Its Disquieting Power, The Unconscious That Assumes A Shape And Yet Remains Unconscious Reason Never Interposes Its Mediation And Yet The Whole Unknown Archipelago Is Slowly Illuminated As Though It Were A Creation Of The Day We Are Immersed Simultaneously In The Unconscious And In A Vortex Of Light Citati Takes Us Into The Very Creation Of All The Major WorksAmerika ,The Trial ,The Castle , The Metamorphosis Many Of The Stories Are Also Explored In Detail, And These In Turn Are Made Part Of Kafka S Life Beautifully Written, Passionately Empathetic, Luminously Clear An Exceptional Book By One Of Europe S Finest Literary Critics Cito John Banville Citati ha scritto un libro che non tanto una biografia quanto una meditazione, una specie di Vita di un santo Straordinario, toccante, magistrale.
By the end of this book, I just couldn t recommend it to anyone Half the time I had no idea what the author was talking about It was like wading into a philosophy classroom of beginners who have a ghastly penchant for purple prose There may be a great book on the life of Kafka, but this is not it.
Kafka ↠´ Very deep He lived in Czechoslovakia, wrote The Metamorphosis , Only read half Interestingly this half biog half textual analysis doesn t focus on what Kafka has become synonymous with bureaucracy Using what comes across as a theodic psychoanalysis Citati explores in equal parts Kafka s struggles with God and the two amorous relationships with women in his life Felice and Milena Some critics have criticised him for treating Kafka as some sort of wounded or suffering saint, recent biographies have put such a rosy skance in doubt, but a slight romanticisation aside, the difficulties I have are not the focus on Kafka s religious struggles, which are important, not least as Kafka illuminates the struggle with religion felt a generation after Nietzsche declared God is dead but we live amongst his morality without him, an illumination still highly relevant today, rather my difficulties lie in the fact that bureacracy, for Kafka, was such an important vehic

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