Mijn eerste verhaal over tijdreizen, naar n van mijn favoriete periodes dan nog Als echte geschiedenisliefhebber moest ik even van me af zetten dat niet alles historisch zou kloppen en dat het geen realistische verhaal zou zijn Gelukkig ben ik daar in geslaagd Maar toch had ik een dubbel gevoel bij dit boek.
Positieve punten ik had onmiddellijk een klik met het hoofdpersonage Robyn, ik herkende veel van mezelf in haar De personages zijn sowieso het beste punt van het boek, ze zijn fijn uitgewerkt en je gaat echt van ze houden Jo Joy , ook de slechteriken zijn goed uitgewerkt Daarnaast was er de magie, in het begin vond ik het maar flauw bedacht hoe Robyn naar het verleden gezonden wordt maar de magische elementen worden gaandeweg het verhaal veel beter De persoonlijke ontwikkeling van Robyn is hierbij dan ook fijn om te lezen Ook hoe de personages in zowel het Ooooooh oh my What a mad adventure Left me breathless and giddy and sooooo in love with this fictional Edward Plantagenet, Earl of March He is awefully perfect and tops my top favourite heroes If i were to face Medieval madness for anyone, that would be young Edward and yes, he is quite young for being the main love interest, but don t let that mislead you, he is completely captivating and charming and brave and irreverent I loved the dichotomy between such impeccable gallantry and the utter bloodthirstiness of the era, situations and people It makes for a very intense reading, so prepare to stand amazed, ladies and gentlemen, this romance has a plot In fact, the romance skilfully fades into the background for a big part of the story The complexity of the story comes from the treacherous political intrigue

B B , well written but implausible War of Roses witches time travel, oh my Yeah, this book was not so great, so I read it until there was some explanation of how or why the time travel happened and then I was like, see ya bye no thank you The end.
Not only am I in a reading mode, I am also apparently on a time travel spree This book was one that my friend Louise recommended to me I m not sure what I was expecting I think just historical fiction since that is what the spine said but I got a romance I guess they couldn t call it romance since it was written by a man Overall, I liked the book, but it often would get bogged down with names and too much in the way of inconsequential details, and many of the characters really didn t seem as full as they could have been On the plus side, our heroine was smart and plucky no simpering females here and the bulk of the book took place during the Wars of the Roses which was interesting though confusing at times There is a sequel, Lady Robyn, where I m sure many of the loose ends and thinner characters are fleshed out, but I m thinking I Really good story, romance, time travel, witch s and witch s night and running into people in the 1460 that she knows in present day Her friends, Jo and Joy from now, she meets in 1460 and a married man, Collin who she has an affair with, she meets back in 1460 and his wife Witches live again and again remembering a bit of their past lives A Earl s son has a displacement spell put upon him which has his hopping around centuries and the main lady character meets him and they fall in love.
So it s a good story, but a lot of history, which didn t interest me Telling about every day life and meals and King s problems I kept skimming over it to read the good parts, the witch s nights adventures, her being put in dungeons for being a witch and so onoh and the ghost of a dead guy who helps out sometimes.
When I got Û Knight Errant Ú Robyn Stafford is a young executive in Hollywood who flies to England to surprise her boyfriend on his birthday, only to discover that he is in fact married Robyn decides to take a few days to recover before returning to America and goes for a hike on the Welsh border During her hike, she runs into a young man on horseback who claims be Edward, Earl of March and who also claims that the year is 1459 Eventually, Robyn finds herself transported in time back to the fifteenth century, pursued by armed men who want to try her as a witch, and falling in love with the young knight Edward Although this time travel narrative has much in common with the wildly popular Outlander series, it failed to capture my interest There is little deep characterization for any of the main characters, making it hard to believe that Robyn and Edward were truly in love In fact, Robyn seem I initially started reading this book over ten years ago when I was still in high school At the time, I hadn t gotten very far into it when I had to return it to the library and soon lost the name of the book Recently the storyline was on my mind quite a bit but I still could not remember the name of the book which is when I searched Google and was able to find it Now that I m older, I think this particular book is something that I can appreciate because I don t need a book to be purely about romance in order to old my interest though I still do very much enjoy books that are mostly about romance.
This book was a fascinating mix of magic, time travel, love, history, and adventure It is about a young woman from California at the turn of 2000 named Robyn who finds herself jilted by a man named Collin who was Thrilling Time Travel Romance Of Renaissance England Robyn Stafford, A Young American Executive, Has Flown From Hollywood To England To Surprise Her Lover On His Birthday, Only To Find That He S Married And It S His Wife Who S Giving The Party She Takes A Few Days Off To Recover From Her Outrage And Dismay, Travelling And Hiking Near The Welsh Border There She Encounters A Handsome Young Man On Horseback, Wearing A Sword, Plate Armor And A Surcoat, Who Confidently Identifies Ä read Ä Knight Errant by R.
Garcia y Robertson ↠´ Himself As Edward Plantagenet, Earl Of March, And Asks Directions To A Nearby Abbey He Thinks The Year IsAnd Is Amazed By Her Detailed, Printed Map And Working Cell Phone She Doesn T Know What To Think But When Three Hostile Knights And Two Dozen Bowmen Arrive, He Sweeps Her Up In Front Of Him And Carries Her Off To Safety, Before Turning Back To Valiantly Fight Off His Enemies Then, The Immediate Danger Past, He Returns And Asks Her To Come And Be His Lady Once He Has Beaten The King After A Parting Kiss, He Rides Away, Into The Distant Past, To The Age Of The War Of The RosesNow Robyn Stafford Must Find A Way To Leave The World Of Today For The Fifteenth Century, Where She Fell In Love With A Young Knight This was a delightful book, and the reason I gave it four stars instead of five was that the narrative and dialogue unraveled in places almost as if there were another author writing in places, or as if parts of the book didn t get thoroughly edited.
Robyn Stafford meets Edward Plantagenet, who will become King Edward IV of England, when he is 17 and Mad Henry VI is still king Robyn works for a film studio in L.
, but she is on vacation, hiking in Wales, when Edward, in full medieval armor, rides out of the woods and asks her where an abbey don t remember name is It seems to be love at first sight for Edward, though Robyn is, not sure how old, mid twenties But she s taken with him too Robyn learns that it is witchcraft that brought Edward into the 21st century, and witchcraft takes her back to the 15th cen

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