Interesting and short read, also an allegory of Mexico through the character of Carlitos I d like to imagine this was really hip and transgressive forty years ago, but the illusion as of right now doesn t quite do it for me.
De Un Amor Imposible, Narraci N De Un Terror Cotidiano Que Los Protagonistas Preferir An Creer Que Se Trata De Algo Fantasmag Rico, Las batallas en el desierto Es Una Magistral Novela Breve Que Involucra Otros Aspectos Como La Corrupci N Social Y Pol Tica, El Inicio Del M Xico Moderno Y La Desaparici N Del Pa S Tradicional, El Testimonio De Las Transformaciones De Nuestras Vidas Y Nuestra Historia, [ read Online Las batallas en el desierto ½ battles-of-the-american-civil-ear PDF ] by José Emilio Pacheco · Y El Rescate De Las Memorias Individuales Y Colectivas De Una Ciudad A La Que Jos Emilio Pacheco Ama Profundamente, Pero Recrea Sin Nostalgia Y Denuncia De Manera ImplacableDesde Su Aparici N Esta Novela Corta, Traducida Al Ingl S, Franc S, Alem N, Italiano, Ruso, Japon S Y Griego, Y Publicada En Otras Partes Del Mundo Hispano, Asombr Por Su Aparente Sencillez Y La Estructura Compleja Que Tiende Lazos Para Una Variedad De Lecturas M Ltiples Y Diferentes Y Para Una Complicidad Que Hermana Para Siempre Al Lector Con El Autor So detailed description of Mexico in Miguel Aleman times First love story, teenager story love Excellent A fast read and a very silky short novel Set in Mexico City during the presidency of Miguel Alem n 1946 1952 it is a mixture of social critique to the double moral of those times and also a nostalgic remembrance of the past The plot is very simple and essentially revolves around the love story of a kid who lives in a prudish family Yet, it is mostly a device to show social injustice and the self serving rationalizations of the upper classes The author is well known mostly for his poems and his command for rhythm is clearly put on display here, even when he gets to list places or brands the cadence is just the right one to produce a list that can be read with prosody The other trademark element of this narrative are the witty remarks, one can trace some of Coming of age steeped in nostalgia of by gone days in the heart of D.
F now CDMX, even the acronym has changed Already a big city at the cusp of big changes and full of immigrants flooding in, the neighborhoods of Roma, Condesa, Polanco and the rest mingle and clash as a young teenager falls in love for the first time But he makes the mistake of falling in love with his buddy s mother, the mistress of an important man in the new regime Politics of the day and cultural shifts go hand in hand with the personal account of school days spent fighting, visits to wealthier friend s impressive houses, playing Indians and Arabs, and the making and losing of friends This short novela is a must for anyone who visits D.
F and walks in the streets of Roma Recommended for those who like tortas, other people s houses, and wild older brothers.
↠´ Las batallas en el desierto Ç Coming of age novels I can t deal with them I had seen this book around bookstores before, mentioned at some book gatherings and praised by some kind of knowledgable people It seemed to be so not down my alley and I would have regularly stayed clear of it but a student of mine lent it to me to get my opinion so I couldn t refuse.
The writing style drove me crazy It was a run on sentences fest No clear dialogues, scarce descriptions, excessive pop culture references It felt like amateur writing at best Is it, like, a thing for this kind of book I had the same problem with other coming of age novels before and some Young Adult ones, too Is it a way of dumbing down things for younger readers Or to seem edgy and cool to youngsters Hell if I know What I do know is that I don t like it I get it that it tries to portray a real, no sugar c I read this book for my Spanish class in Puebla, Mexico and loved it In few words Jose Pacheco captures the invasion of the U.
S in words, culture, and products during the post WW2 period in the colonia Roma in Mexico City The changes in the 50s led to backlash and prejudice against immigrants who settled there The battles in the desert reflects the playground battles the boys fought during recess, especially judios contra arabes This reflected the wars in the Middle East at this time.
It is also a love story of a young boy who has a crush on Mariana, the mother of his best friend She is everything his mother is not loving, tender, young, beautiful, interested in her son and his kids She also fed them American food instead of the chicharon in salsa verde and other traditional Mexican dis

The only thing a person of my age can do is fall in love secretly, silently, likeI had done with Mariana Fall in love knowing that all is lost and there is no hope.
A tale of a middle class family in Mexico City as seen through the eyes of the youngest kid, there s mystery, romance, and self discovery.

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