Need to ReviewNotes I may up to 4 stars It was much better than first book but still had pacing issues.
Rating 4.
25 stars This is a very good book for people who like 3 things LitRPG, world building, and complex game mechanics level ups, stat points, etc Oren is building up his small goblin village His goal is to reach boss level 4 in order to try and log out of the game Oren knows that the players are coming to get him though, so he has to work quickly Almost the entire book is spent building the village, power leveling his people and himself, as well as learning skills that can help him survive I love this type of book Just like the first book, Oren is insanely overpowered for his level, but at the same time the odds are stacked so far against him that even if he was twice as powerful he would still be in trouble A couple of things pop up throughout the book that complicates matters view spoiler Oren is starting to think that he really Defeating The Hobgoblin Threat, Oren Is Now Faced With An Even Tenacious Enemy The Players Themselves His Old Guild Have Discovered His Village S Location And A Deadly Strike Force Is Closing In With Time Running Out, Oren Must Build Up His Clan And Recruit An Army Of Monsters If He S To Have Any Hope Of Withstanding The Coming Download Epub Format Î Life Reset (Environment vs.
Player) (New Era Online #2) PDF by × Shemer Kuznits Attack Fantastic Absolutely fantastic.
Awesome writing Loved it.
The only issue I have with the story is why isn t the MC handing out LOADS of quests with ever increasing amounts of gold as rewards The system would generate the gold, which the players would then spend on his stuff, thereby netting himgold I just remember feeling really frustrated when he couldn t afford a rune, and it didn t occur to him to have the players assist with getting the funds GreatLoved the whole book keep up the good work and write the next book really really really really really soon ✓ Life Reset (Environment vs.
Player) (New Era Online #2)
✓ If you love LitRPG buy this series Oren s adventures in city building continue in the second installment of this series If you are a fan of The Land or any of the other top LitRPG books, you need to buy these books Thank me later.

Mind blown Had a difficult time putting this one down, got off the settlement building a bit but kept the entertainment factor high The touch and go sabotage and final battle were great Keep writing and I ll keep reading Just couldn t put it down Awesome Book twoI read this in one go Of course I read a lot of books in one go, but most of them I can put down and do something else for a few hours I just didn t want to put this book down People say The Land series is the best I m of the opinion that this series is better.

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