Ho letto in passato alcune biografie di Zweig rimanendone ogni volta affascinata e colpita, in modo particolare sono stata rapita da quella di Magellano e da quella di Maria Antonietta, apprezzandone il taglio romanzesco, la limpidezza della prosa e il carattere divulgativo Devo ammettere, per , che quest ultima dedicata alla regina scozzese stata da me meno gradita e mi ha portato a riconsiderare anche gli apprezzamenti elargiti nel passato Senza nulla togliere a Zweig, mi rendo ora conto che ci che maggiormente mi colpiva in passato era la tragicit insita nei personaggi storici fatti oggetto di tali narrazioni, e di ci mi ha reso consapevole proprio questa biografia dedicata ad un altra grande vittima della storia come Maria Antonietta o del Fato, come Magellano Maria Stuarda incarna Com seis dias rainha da Esc cia, com seis anos noiva do pr ncipe mais poderoso da Europa, com dezassete anos rainha de Fran aLi esta e outra biografia da rainha da Esc cia por uma teimosia N o tinha nem conhecimento, nem grande interesse na mesma, contudo, acabei deslumbrada com esta mulher N o pelo que tenha feito pelo seu pa s ou pelo seu povo, mas pela intensidade que p s em tudo o que fez Para o bem e para o mal, para o seu louvor e para a sua perdi o.
Nada como as palavras de Stefan Zweig para ilustrarem com rigor e beleza o que foi a vida de Maria StuartEm tempo verdadeiramente curto, viveu todos os contrastes com intensidade prodigiosa enterrou dois maridos, perdeu dois reinos, passou pelo cativeiro, seguiu pelos sombrios atalhos do crime, e de cada vez, tornou a subir os degraus do trono e do altar, com novo orgulho As ltimas semanas, os ltimos anos, viveu os entr D Ecosse L Ge De Six Jours, En , Puis Reine De France Dix Sept Ans Par Son Mariage Avec Fran Ois II, Marie Stuart Est Un Des Personnages Les Plus Romanesques De L Histoire Veuve En , Elle Rentre En Ecosse Et Pouse Lord Darnley D Ue Par Ce Mariage, Elle Devient La Ma Tresse Du Comte De Bothwell Lorsque Ce Dernier Assassine Darnley, L Horreur Est Telle Qu Elle Doit Se R Fugier Aupr S De Sa Rivale, Elisabeth Re [ Pdf Maria Stuart À young-adult-romance PDF ] by Stefan Zweig À Reine D Angleterre Celle Ci La Retiendra Vingt Ans Captive, Avant De La Faire Condamner Mort Son Courage Devant Le Supplice Impressionnera Les T Moins, Au Point De M Tamorphoser Celle Que L On Disait Une Criminelle En Une Martyre De La Foi Catholique Sur Cette Figure Fascinante Et Controvers E De L Histoire Britannique, Le Biographe De Marie Antoinette Et Romancier De Vingt Quatre Heures De La Vie D Une Femme A Men Une Enqu Te Rigoureuse, Se Livrant Une Critique Serr E Des Documents Et Des T Moignages Ce R Cit Passionn Nous La Restitue Avec Ses Ombres Et Ses Lumi Res, Ses Faiblesses Et Sa Grandeur Zweig nije kot, a nije ni Englez i to se vidi Ovo je, po mom sudu, jedna dosta objektivna biografija prije svega ENE, a zatim kraljice, Marie Stuard Pisana je vi e sa psiholo kog aspekta, pro eta autorovim razmi ljanjima o pobudama i postupcima ove zaista neobi ne historijske li nosti Mislim da je Marie vrlo esto previ e izromantizirana ili sa druge strane demonizirana ali autor je dosta uspje no izbjegao obje zamke s tim da se u tonu osjeti doza simpatije Stil je arhai an ali i vrlo pitak uzev i u obzir da je knjiga pisana 1935 godine i prona la sam par vrlo dobrih pasusa koji govore generalno o politici, o mo i, vlasti, beskrupuloznosti, okrutnosti politi kih pobjednika, odnosu velikih sila prema svojim pijun dr avama itd Vijekovima p The best biography on Mary Stuart s life, no doubt about it Le myst re qui entoure la vie de Marie Stuart a t l objet de representations et d interpretations aussi contradictoires que frequentes il n existe peut tre pas d autre femme qui a t peinte sous des traits aussi diff rents, tant t comme une martyre, tant t comme une folle intrigante, ou bien encore comme une sainte.
With an objective narrative, the author describes without passion, her first marriage with the French king Francis II, the murder of her fist husband, Lord Darnley as well as her love affair with Lord Bothwell Her long period of captivity is also described with plenty of details as well as the case of the casket letters.
Further readings and references may be found in the following books Mary Stuart A Tragedy by Friedrich Schiller available at Project Gutenberg.
The Abbot by Walter Scott available at Pro Maria Stuarda, regina a 6 giorni dalla nascita e incoronata a 9 mesi Non ha ancora respirato la vita che, prima ancora d essere creatura, strumento di trattative A 5 anni e 8 mesi viene impacchettata e spedita in Francia L , a 16, sposa il Delfino Federico e un anno dopo regina di Francia E c un altra corona, quella d Inghilterra, posata sul capo di Elisabetta, che Maria Stuarda reclama per s Sono solo piccoli tasselli della vita di Maria Stuarda, vissuta in un epoca in cui vita e morte sono decise dalle convenienze, un epoca in cui non c tempo per gli scrupoli di coscienza e per salire al potere si compiono omicidi, si sparge sangue innocente, si toglie la vita al proprio padre o fratello, si stringono patti segreti e si consumano tradimenti E al potere della terra si mescola quello divino , ognuno coi propri capi, i ↠´ Maria Stuart ↠´ This is an excellent example of how a biographer is influenced by his culture It was published in 1935, pre dating not just modern feminism but the earliest stirrings of change in the role of women during WWII In spite of their superlative traits these two women remained women throughout, and were unable to overcome the weaknesses inherent in their sex, he says of Elizabeth I and Mary If.
two kings had been faced by the same circumstances, they would have come to a firmer decision, declared war, countered one threat by another, set courage against courage He proceeds to present their history as one of romantic gallantry Mary versus shrewishness and indecision Elizabeth He excuses Mary s conduct with Bothwell as the result of passion resulting in the abandonment of free will enthrallment, and attributes Elizabeth s conduct throughout her life to her feminine infirmity Regardless of yo Bibliophiles love to babble on about the importance of empathy in literature For them, empathy is both input and output of outstanding books And normally, bibliophile myself, I toe the party line and agree, because theoretically the argument seems sound and anecdotally I can cite instances of empathy emerging from great works of art But I m an inveterate skeptic are lovers of literature both producers and consumers trulyempathetic One need look no further than our current landscape in the genre of biography The explosion of memoir is evidence of egoism, not empathy most historical biography trends towards hagiography and celebrity profiles, the peak modern form of the genre,often mock, or worse, excoriate their subject.
Zweig, however, is an exceptional biographer, and he holds no poison pen His approach as a biographer ischeerleader through all the tribulations of Mary Queen

5 stars No one could guess what the soul of a woman was capable of Stefan Zweig Mary Stuart 1935 Aroused by the differing opinions on this controversial queen, Stefan Zweig sought to illuminate the view of the legend, not within the typical frame of researching a historical figure, but by psychological profiling of the protagonist, giving this biography the uniqueness of a dramatic thriller He would interpret Mary Stuart as a strong willed person but easily misdirected by her passion and idealized romantic values, who carved out her own destiny with flawed judgement to her ill fated end.
A political pawn from birth, Mary Stuart was used to secure Scotland s and France s alliance The same year Mary married the dauphin, Elizabeth succeeded Mary Tudor as queen of England With issues still at hand over Elizabeth s illegitimacy, all the Catholic world thus viewed Mary Stuart Stefan Zweig was an excellent biographer This deep look into the controversial and tragic life of Marie, Queen of Scots is unforgettable for its detail and the insights into the power games that sealed her fate It is written in an extremely readable tone and is exciting and at times breathtaking Definitely a must if you wish to understand this turbulent period of England and Scotland s history.

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