I really enjoyed this ninth outing with Alex Verus I felt as though I had been waiting for this book to be published for ages The first few chapters had just a teeny bit too much recapping and explanation for people who have been with the series since book one Useful though for those who have not After that though things were up and running as usual and Alex and friends were back in constant action.
I very much like the way the character of Alex has evolved He has really discovered all the uses of his power of divination now and I loved the way he knew that a bullet was coming from behind him and just moved his head to the side so it missed Very cool Also useful to all of the team and to the progress of the story is the ability to communicate in their heads w Strong, likable characters all embroiled in magical mayhem, machinations and power grabs, even if they don t want to be Unexpected twists and shocking revelations, engage and captivate this novel s audience I received this ARC copy of Marked from Berkley Publishing Group Ace This is my voluntary and honest review Marked is set for publication July 3, 2018.
My Rating 4 starsWritten by Benedict JackaSeries Alex VerusSequence in Series 9Print Length 320 pagesPublisher Ace Publication Date July 3, 2018Sold by Penguin Group USA LLCGenre Romantic Fantasy Noble reviews check out Tome Tender s Book Blog or find us on Facebook.
OMG, I couldn t be happier with that ending Jacka has been one of my favorite go to guys for UF series ever since another fireball flinging wizard stopped gracing the page Ahem, D.
Fortunately, Alex Verus has all the snark and even magical goodies and artifacts and a much nastier set of problems to deal with.
Like being a replacement for Morden on the White Mage council and living up to the issue of leadership Yeah, leadership WEIRD.
Anyway, a sting operation trying to bring down Richard is well underway, but it s the personal developments I like even.
TOTAL POPCORN GOODNESS I dance every time one of these books come out Adventure writers can go two ways with their series They can either entangle their hero in a series of adventures, loosely linked but not necessarily sequential, or the hero can adventure while striving towards a goal Wizard series tend towards the second, where the hero perhaps gets himself in a mess in an early story, then works to resolve the knotty problem in books 2 N Think of Harry Dresden or Simon Montague or Harry Potter or the Iron Druid Or Alex Verus in Benedict Jacka s excellent series.
Marked, book 9 in Jacka s series, starts with Alex seated rather precariously on the junior council of Light Mages in Britain In the first two books Alex is refreshingly honest, with simple goals Stay alive and keep his friends healthy and alive Sadly for him, Alex apprenticed to a Dark Mage before leaving in Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyThe Alex Verus series is consistently strong and entertaining which is impressive since it is so easy to fall into the trap of getting stale or repetitive as a series nears the double digits Marked, the ninth book in this series is no exception It hits the ground running with the tiniest of time spent on rehashing developments from previous books It s grimmer because the stakes are higher now with Alex s enemies drawing nearer We delve into the politics of Light and Dark mages and Alex and his friends meet with dangerous battles as the magic they are up against is powerful I like the way each book in this series slowly ramps up the danger building up slowly over the series and also how the characters naturally evolve due to their experiences.
As the books have matured, Alex has matured as well over the series growing his network of fr I have a major problem with this series.
It doesn t come out fast enough.
Can t really get enough of it It s easily the most badass a diviner has ever been in just about any lit I can think of, and Jacka does such a nice job of making his magic system make sense while still allowing it to be mysterious, interesting and frankly magical.
A lot of what Jacka is writing about in this series is power The magical powers of his main characters and the various mages and adepts they encounter, but also a lot about the power that people have over each other, the power in structures and relationships, and what people will do to accumulate it and why At the heart of it, that s what these books have been about power the manipulation of people who have it and those who want it, the accumulation of power through personal growth and through the acquisition of others items or controlli Alex Verus Is Hanging On By A Thread In The Ninth Urban Fantasy Novel From The National Bestselling Author Of BurnedWhen Mage Alex Verus Ends Up With A Position On The Light Council, No One Is Happy, Least Of All Him But Alex Is Starting To Realize That If He Wants To Protect His Friends, He Ll Need To Become A Power Player Himself His First Order Of Business Is To Track Down Dangerous Magical Items Unleashed » read ↠´ Marked by Benedict Jacka ✓ Into The World By Dark MagesBut When The Council Decides They Need His Help In Negotiating With The Perpetrators, Alex Will Have To Use All His Cunning And Magic To Strike A Deal And Stop The Rising Tension Between The Council, The Dark Mages, And The Adept Community From Turning Into A Bloodbath È Marked È 4.
5 5 stars OMG, I m going to have to wait a year for the next book Loved this story The plot, the dilemmas, how Alex is not black or white, but something in between I specially liked Councilor Verus taking charge.
If there s something I want for the next book is freaking Anne to get with the program How many times has she gotten kidnapped in this series 4 5 She needs to get her head out of her ass and realize that whether she likes it or not, she s powerful and people want her It s not that she has to save herself she really can t do it alone, she needs help but if she was a bit willing to take care of business, her friends wouldn t be in jeopardy in every single book I hope that Alex finds a way to keep that council seat He totally rocks it there.
4,5 5

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