To The Citizens Of Her Small Town, Policewoman Diana London Is A Shape Shifting Werewolf On The Track Of A Killer Vampiress Through Erotic Dreams, She Is Drawn To Llyr, King Of The Faeries But Despite Sparks, Llyr Is A Complication In Her Life Until The Vampiress At Large Finds An Ally, Diana And Llyr Have No One To Turn To But Each Download Epub Format ↠´ Master of the Moon (Mageverse, #4) PDF by ☆ Angela Knight Other This was a reread I like this series with Merlin, King Arthur and his Knights Lite reading.
Unbelievably awesome AK knows her stuff Erotic and funny, the plot doesn t need twists as suspenses and mysteries do The characters colouful, the action terrifically written, and the erotic scenes will make you blush if you re a blusher Master of Wolves is next, and I can t wait to read it I hope AK writes a heck of a lotof the Megaverse series An awesome story teller, AK s writing style is easy to read If you haven t read this series, you don t know what you re missing What can I say, every now and again a girl needs a little romance At least there are vampires, werewolves and a vengeful spiteful brother feud to flesh it out I can honestly say that although this book is not going to win any prices for the most in depth thought provoking book, it was fun The writing is not the best, the plot is shaky but it put a smile on my face and provided a little light hearted romance and entertainment.
I really liked this book and this couple He s the king of the faeries and she s Direkind, he can t possibly marry her and they can t have children if they do marry but it doesn t stop the fire between them He s lost everyone he s loved to his brother s assassins and almost walks away from her to keep her safe They met in their dreams and come to know each other while trying to protect her town from a murdering vampire There s tragedy and love and great chemistry to make this a really nice read.
Setting Palace of the Cachamwri Sidhe 400 ad and 2004, throne room, grandmother s rooms, extravagant luxurious bedroom Verdeville police station, city planner office, her house, murder scenes hotel portals between worlds Characters Llyr Galatyn King of Cachamwri has the dragon god s mark on his arm though the dragon god never answers his call became king when his father killed by magiked knife and his cruel brother give a conquered kingdom to rule both spelled that if one hurts the other, it will hit the sender 3xpowerfully, thus preventing them from overtly fighting or killing each other instead his brother has killed 4 wives and 10 children over the centuries and Llyr carries the guilt Diana London Werekind created by Merlin to control Magekind if they go evil Once a year she goes into mating heat but she doesn t have a mate she is city planner and volunteer policema ↠´ Master of the Moon (Mageverse, #4) ↠´ I liked this one as much as I liked the first book The writing is good, the characters are likable and well written, the back story is interesting, and it s not too hard to follow Again, my only real complaint is that I could do without the detailed sex scenes Oh, not a complaint, unlike typical PNR this doesn t have the heroine hating the hero then getting herself in trouble only to be rescued by the hero and fall deeply in love with him.
Talk about faeries, different realms and worlds This paranormal romance was a excellent read A must read for any and all paranormal lovers everywhere Diana London is a direwolf and Liyr happens to be king of the fey they are on a hunt for a killer vampire Problem is Diana is his mate and his evil brother wants him dead This is a most interesting book.
My favorite term is in this book ex Marine sigh This generally loses me the instant it shows up in a story Fortunately, it only appears once and the book itself intrigued me enough to give it another chance Unfortunately, the book lost me to something else shortly thereafter The main problem I have is that the story is a near complete carbon copy of Jane s Warlord, with a few things changed I liked JW I don t need a reworked version with fairies, werewolves, vampires, and magic This one became a skim read and a serious disappointment for me.
More action sex What s not to like More complete character development back story than in the first book, which I prefer so the characters feellike real people I can t say many specifics without spoilers so that ll do for now.

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