Ernst Was A Pivotal Figure In The History Of Twentieth Century Art A Leader Of The Dada Movement In Germany, He Later Joined The Circle Of Writers And Artists Gathered In Paris Around Andr Breton, The Unofficial Founder Of The Surrealist Movement At The Outset Of World War II, Ernst Fled Germany For The United States, First Going To New York And Eventually Settling In Sedona, Arizona Ernst Returned To Europe InAnd Continued To Explore Surrealist Imagery And Methods Throughout ó Max Ernst: A Retrospective (Metropolitan Museum of Art Publications) ï Download by ó Werner Spies His LifeThis Important Book Accompanies The First Retrospective Exhibition Of Ernst S Work Held In The United States In Thirty Years It Examines His Pioneering Accomplishments In Painting, Collage, And Sculpture And Considers His Use Of The Techniques Of Frottage, Grattage, And Decalcomania Also Featured Are Ernst S Unique Collage Novels Narratives Comprising Disparate Images Culled From Nineteenth Century Engravings And Combined In Surreal, Unsettling Compositions Leading Scholars Write On Various Aspects Of Ernst S Life And Art Werner Spies On Ernst In America Ludger Derenthal On Ernst And Politics Pepe Karmel On Ernst And Contemporary Art Thomas Gaehtgens On Ernst And The Old Masters And Robert Storr On The Collage Novels

ê Max Ernst: A Retrospective (Metropolitan Museum of Art Publications) µ Came for the art, enjoyed the art Kinda meh on the rest of it.

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