Back In Deadwood The Mystery And Mayhem Continue Between The Butchered Body Parts, Creepy Killers, Dogged Detectives, Ghoulish Ghosts, And Ever Present TV Cameras, Violet Parker S Purple Boots Are Itching To SkedaddleBut There Is No Escaping Another Murder Investigation Or Her New Deadly Reputation Not Even If Both Risk The Lives Of Those She Loves Û Meanwhile, Back in Deadwood Ó Download by Æ Ann Charles Most As usual Ann Charles has another winner on her hands I love reading about the antics of Violet and the gang If you haven t read this series I definitely recommend it you won t be able to put them down once you start reading them You will make an instant connection with the characters Ann spins a great story in every one I have no idea what this book is about.
4 Stars.
Much like the previous book in the series, this one doesn t have an ending I don t mean a cliffhanger ending but literally no ending It ends mid scene It picks up where the prior book left off but doesn t really go anywhere for over 400 pages beforenothing No end No resolution Not even a very good idea of where the next will go or what a conclusion is building toward Given all this, I can t really write a good review since so much of whether or not I like a book comes from the plot and pacing both of which are dependent on a story arca non existent story arc in this case That being said, the humor that I ve come to know and love in these books is evident on every page I will read the next one for, hopefully, some final resolution I m starting to be afraid any resolution to come now after a build up of several books if going to be a disappoint á Meanwhile, Back in Deadwood ð Meanwhile Back In Deadwood is book 6 in this wonderful, fun, spooky mystery series by Ann Charles and all I can say is that they just keep getting better Ms Charles has created a fun filled world full of well rounded characters that feel like friends and that you just have to love and want to come back to visit as often as you can Along with that you get a mystery that makes you want to follow all the way to the endof course you hope it never will end I think of Ann Charles not only as an author, a writer but as a story teller She weaves a magical tail that has you entranced with her words and humor.
In 6 Violet is back and just trying to come to terms with who she is and what it means to her life as she knows it after the revelation of her family heritage Doc is once again by her side and together they move Ann Charles Meanwhile, Back in Deadwood, is a romantic mystery suspense story with fast moving action and lots of humor Charles gives readers well developed characters both living and ghostly Her characters and storyline come to life as action jumps off the page Her female protagonist, Violet Parker, a single mother of twins, sells real estate of mostly haunted properties She describes Violet special family gift of giving her the ability to see, hear, and talk to ghosts Readers see and experience Violet struggling with her paranormal gifts and powers Readers meet Charles male protagonist, Doc Nyce, Violet s love interest and paranormal partner Charles gives readers backstories on Violet and Doc including details of their paranormal skills The author continues to p Violet and her purple boots are BACK and she s still finding bodies well, kinda her finding them I mean, she was there even if she wasn t technically the one stumbling over it and bringing the sass She s also finding time to cozy up to her handsome honey while trying to dodge the truth about what she is Or could be Or needs to do.
It s complicated.
Anywho Violet is dealing with dead things Her kids are having issues with her new boyfriend Her boss has pulled in a reality show to film the ghostly goings on And then there s that whole she s descended from a line of killers thing Which really isn t as bad as it sounds Really.
Bottom line I like Violet I like Doc I like how he s willing to listen to her and her craziness I like this series, although at times I think the paranormal stuff somewhat overwhelms the mystery part, and I would rather there be less paranormal activity andmystery solving withevery day clues However, I do like the characters, except for the creepy ones, so I will keep reading the series.
RTC Violet Parker is a single mom to twins one of who has a chicken as a house pet , and a struggling Realtor in Deadwood, South Dakota She s dating hot, handsome financial planner Doc, who has the office next to where she works She keeps stumbling onto dead bodies, which brings her into regular contact with local hot but cranky cop Cooper Oh, and did I mention she sees dead people, regularly stumbles over dead bodies, and comes from a long line of killers And that Doc is a medium for restless spirits In book 6 of this entertaining, humor filled, fast paced paranormal mystery series, Violet s boss is forcing her to participate in a reality paranormal show because he thinks it s a cheap way to up the agency s profile and bring in new

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