Marcus Is Desperate To Forget The Past And Move On But She Can T Escape Her Choices Especially When She Finds Herself Falling In Love Since The First Day She Stepped Into Her Childhood Southern Baptist Church, Two Truths Have Been Engrained In Kara Marcus S Head Sex Before Marriage Is Bad And Murder Is A Sin And That S Why Kara Can Never Forgive Herself For What She Did At The Age Of SixteenNow, As Second Semester Of Freshman Year Comes [ read Online Miles from Kara (Charleston Haven, #2) é paranormal-mystery PDF ] by Melissa West ↠´ To A Close, Kara Has Stood By Her High School Boyfriend, Ethan But As They Seem To Grow Further And Further Apart Every Day, Kara Realizes That She Has Feelings For Someone Else Ethan S Roommate ColtSuddenly, Kara S Clear Cut World Shifts Out Of Focus, And She S Torn Between What Her Head Tells Her Is Right And What Her Heart Is Desperately Pushing Her To Do Even If It Means Committing Another Undeniable Sin This is book two in the Charleston Haven Series Although I didn t read book one I still enjoyed this story I will certainly be going back and reading book one When Kara was sixteen she had an abortion Years later she is still living with the guilt We read about how having an abortion still affects her and how she needs to deal with the guilt We also get to read about her romance with Colt who is adorable I thought the author did a great job of writing about this taboo subject She wrote it in such a way I was gripped I highly recommend you 1 click and join Kara on her emotional journey Looking forward to readingfrom this author.
I expected this book to be darker than it was based on the blurb Instead, I think this book is written for a younger audience than my 36 years I felt like I was reading about a very immature heroine who eventually got on my nerves so much that I disliked this book.
Kara Marcus got pregnant at 16 and her mom dragged her to the doctor to have an abortion, never giving Kara a chance to make her own decision Now in college, she still deals with the guilt of this Her relationship with her boyfriend Ethan is falling apart on both sides, and she is falling for his roommate Colt Colt is Australian and hot and dreamy and everything Kara wants After some lusty and meaningful glances and conversations between the two of them, Kara breaks it off with Ethan Then we have many pages of Kara unsure if Colt really likes her he does and she has her first orgasm and she falls in love We don t ge 4.
5 starsMiles From Kara is the second book in the Charleston Haven series and is the companion novel to Pieces of Olivia I first fell in love with Melissa West s writing when I read Pieces of Olivia and couldn t wait to readfrom her.
Miles From Kara follows the story of Kara Marcus Kara has had a very difficult past and is still having trouble coping with the decisions that she s had to make Her tough choices started at an early age, when she was 16, she had sex for the first time and was completely unprepared for the consequences of her actions Then, she ended up staying with Ethan, her high school boyfriend even though they grew apart every day.
One day, Kara s world shifts from it s normal place and she finds herself attracted to her someone else She is at a war with her heart over what is right and what is wrong Sh ☆ Miles from Kara (Charleston Haven, #2) ☆ More Reviews Here Readers Live A Thousand LivesThis series is just so good guys So so good After reading Pieces of Olivia, I just knew that Kara had a story to tell and her story was a good one If you read Pieces of Olivia and think you know Kara s past, well there is muchto the story than we thought Kara is living with the decisions of her past and it is abundantly clear she is struggling with moving on.
I loved Kara She was incredibly strong, but in a quieter way She perseveres and pushes on and she cares She cares for others and looks to put others before herself She is a good friend and because of all that she deserves a happy ending Then we have Colt who is really just a ton of yum Butthan that, he is a truly good guy He i OMG Based on the one scene he was in at the end of Pieces of Olivia, I m totally smitten I can t wait to read Colt s book This book was exactly what I needed And so was Colt.
I read the first book in this series, Pieces of Olivia, when it first came out and was very excited to learn that there was going to beI put Miles from Kara on my to read list and on my radarand then life got busy like it always seems to do and well, my to do list becomesof a wishful thinking list and I haven t had the chance to read as much as I d like.
SOOOOOwhen I got the ARC, I was super excited and jumped on this title like I jump on cupcakes.
For those of you that know me in real life, you know I am pretty even keeled and introverted, so I do have to confess that in the first book, my relationship with Kara wasn t the best She is bubbly and outgoing and cuteso I was giving her serious side eye reading Olivia s story But then I started to notice things and realize that Melissa West was Thank you to Penguin books via Netgalley for the free review copy in exchange for my honest opinion.
Did I like this book In a word, yes This is an enjoyable read, and while it wasn t my favourite New Adult book, it is far from the bottom of the pile.
What we ve got here are some decent characters, namely Kara and Colt, who ve both got some baggage, but since the story is told from Kara s point of view, we are privy mostly to her issues While I liked Kara and empathized with her, I didn t love her the feels just weren t there for me It s too bad, because other than this lack of connection with Kara, I felt that the book was quite well done The setting sounded great, the plot was well paced, and the supporting characters were interesting Will yo Miles From Kara es el segundo libro de la saga Charleston Haven escrita por Melissa West y narra la historia de Kara personaje secundario en el libro anterior y Colt.
Sinceramente inicie este libro por no dejar a medio esta peque a serie, ya que cuando lei la sinopsis de esta novela no me parecio nada original o novedoso, todo lo contrario, me recordo a varios libros que ya habia leido pero tengo que admitir que esta lectura no se me hizo tan cuesta arriba como esperaba.
La historia se lee practicamente sola sobretodo despues de los diez primeros capitulos , ademas de tener una pareja protagonista que aunque predecible, es agradable y linda.
Colt y Kara tienen una relacion que me gusto desde el comienzo, es cierto que no sorprende pero me parecio una relacion bonita, madura y sana algo que no siempre pienso de las relaciones que Loved this one Abortion is a tough subject since we all have strong feelings one way or the other but I felt the author did a great job presenting both sides of the subject and it doesn t feel like an overly heavy story It is incredibly well written filled with emotion on every page Kara Marcus is a young woman who is working to deal with the affects of that decision It touches every aspect of her life and she needs to come to terms Her budding romance with Colt is at risk so it is the time in her life to deal with her past This story will definitely touch your heart I highly recommend it.

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