1 Moondail Oxford 2 5 25 30 minutes, 5 26 35 minutes3 Minty, traffic accident, Belton House, Tom, Sarah, moondail, record4 a She stopped Her mother s eyes were opening She was looking straight into Minty s own eyes b I like it Because Minty s mother wake up and then everything will turn out fine5 This story is a little mystery because Minty can move a different era when she said moondail.
As Minty Spoke The Word, A Cold Wind Went Past Her, And Her Ears Were Filled With A Thousand Frightened Voices When Minty Opened Her Eyes, She Knew She Was In A Different Morning, Not The One She Had Woken Up To So Minty S Strange Adventure Begins A Journey Through Time Into The Past, Where She Finds Tom, And [John Escott] ↠´ Moondial [aviation-history PDF] Ebook Epub Download õ Sarah 1 Oxford, level 32 10 19 50 mins 10 21 40 mins.
3 Minty, house, garden, graves, sundial, moondial, different4 a Minty opened her eyesand knew she was in a different morning, not the one that she had woken up to b It was very shocked and hard to understand where I was and what happened If I were her, I want to go back to real world, but Minty did not She was really bravery 5 Beginning of the story, I was very scared because Minty , the main character, had six sense and she can feel ghosts But, this story was written shorten, so it was difficult to understand what happened between each actions Anyway, I do not want to see, feel and meet any ghosts through whole my life.
It was the first book I ever read in English and I felt so proud when I finished it I won it as a prize for an English school competition and I knew so little about English I had to stop at each word to look for it in a dictionnary The story was not that amazing but still I felt so good about being able to understand the whole thing it remains an incredible experience for me.
1 Helen Cresswell level 32 May 5 about 100minutes3 midnight.
the past.
moondial4 Minty opened her eyesand knew she was in a different morning, not that had woken up to I was excited to read this sentence because this sentence is the moment that back to the past.
5 I like this book Because I m interested in supernatural things So I was excited very much.
Moondial ✓ Oxford university press level 3girl ghost hospital past children boy devil 9 31 71minDo you believe in ghost I do not believe in it If I hear of horror story , I am not afraid of it.
I like this novel because it is easy to understand Also, I have not read horror novel before long time.
1 OXFORD2 about 120minutes3 Grave, Icy, Yard, Adventure, Time, Ghosts, Moon4 Do you want to travel around the time with time machine No, I don t Because if I know the future, I will not enjoy my everyday life.
I thought this story was difficult Sometimes I couldn t understand this story I want to read this book again.

Not the type of ghost horror story that I expected to read, because there were so many things going on in this story that I couldn t find a reasonable explanation for them, and sometimes things to me seemed a little bit boring and ridiculous I waited for the plot twist big revelation truth revealed about the ghost, and all the complication surrounding Minty s traveling back in two different points of time in the past, but the ending just quite didn t satisfy me And who was actually the Devil s child Was it Minty I read to the part of Minty holding the mirror in front of Miss Vole and then I couldn t grab my hand on what that scene meant I don t know if because the story was retold in short form, which made it hard to fully expressing everything about the story like the original, or becaus LevelOxford 3 Time120min 7wordsgirl ghost different century sundial devil back Question1 The main character can see ghost Do you have inspiration No, not at all I have never seen ghost, so I can t believe ghost exist.
2 The main character recorded her voice for her mother who lost consciousness What do you think is the good way to make these people wake up I agree with her idea I think talking to these people is good even If there is no response I like horror story, so I chose this book This story was fantastic The main character met two children who lived hundred years ago She made a journey through time into the past.

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