There Is An Alternate Cover Edition For This ASIN Here Any Last Words Go To Hell, You Freaking Filthy Godforsaken Our Noses Almost Touch As He Dips His Head And Brushes A Strand Of My Hair Behind My Ear Angel, The Word You Re Looking For Is Pirate Strange Things Are Happening In Neverland Although Angelina McFarland Loves Reading Fairytales, She Never Dreamed Of Falling Right Into One Herself Literally But Who Is This Flying Boy Who Saved Her And Why Doesn T He Want To º Neverland Ø Download by ☆ Anna Katmore Grow Up Desperately Trying To Find A Way Off This Cursed Island, Angelina Runs Into A Ruthless Pirate Hook Captures Her And Keeps Her Trapped On His Ship, The Jolly Roger, To Lure The Flying Boy Out Of His Hiding But Is Hook Really The Heartless Man She Heard About The Time Angel Spends With Him, The She Starts To Wonder Her Growing Feelings For Him Are As Intense As Shocking, And Soon She Can T Stop Thinking About How Soft His Lips Felt On Hers When He Kissed Her Under The Stars As Time Passes, An Old Train Ticket To London Is All She Has Left To Remind Her Of Her Former Life And Why She Can T Give Up Trying To Find A Way HomeOr Is Staying In Neverland Forever The Better Choice After All Grab A Happy Thought And Follow Angel On An Adventure That Will Keep You Breathless And Smiling Long After You read The Last Page Mind The Cliffhanger I M Sorry The Sequel PAN S REVENGE Is Already Available Very cute and sweet story about a girl who travels to Neverland and falls for Captain Hook He s not the Hook of the Disney cartoon He slike a blond version of the Hook from Once Upon a Time I will add a visual later I m watching the Golden Globes First This is what I how I expect a pirate should be when he s bad And When He s charming Anna s Jamie hook is not as bad as Killian of OUAT, but he sure is sweet I re read Neverland, cause I felt like I was missing something, I didn t like Anna s Hook at my first read, but on the 2nd, I fell in love with Jamie and that ending was so perfect I know its a cliff hanger, but there s just something about that last line that made it seem bitter sweet I m talking about the scene before three months later the one before she falls asleep next book3

A Peter Pan retelling with Hook as the main love interest Sign me the F up Update DNF at 52%This is not a Peter Pan retelling, this is a Captain Hook fan fiction I kept trying to push myself a little further, but I just couldn t The writing felt flat, it was just too simple There were no engaging sentences, no quotes I d like to highlight, nothing Neverland takes a bold engaging premise, takes out the bold engaging part, and gives you the premise Like, come on, a Peter Pan retelling with a twist with Captain Hook as the main love interest and a supposedly ending that ll make me gasp out loud, it had all the elements of a fantastic Peter Pan retelling, but it just didn t give it justice Angel, our protagonist, is this too perfect to exist English girl that enjoys baby sitting her sisters and keeping her clothes Foiled by a Goodreads rating again I really wanted to like this Peter Pan retelling, and I thought I would The reviews are, for the most part, good But, once again, I m left scratching my head and wondering if I missed something How can something this bad generate so much praise First, I have to give credit where credit is due The author had the nugget of a good idea here She switched things up a little and gave Peter and Hook a bit of a different relationship than what we re used to seeing It could have been a really interesting dynamic but some of her other choices really didn t work.
In this version of the story, we ve got a nineteen year old Captain Hook presumably so he can be a suitable insta love interest for the seventeen year old heroine I found that pretty unbelievable And then, to make matters worse, Hook isn t even the

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