In The Hands Of Roberts Avens, Is A Perennial Philosophy Of The Heart He Provides A Readable, Uncomplicated, And Reliable Introduction To The Gnosis Going On Today In The Poetical Thought Of Martin Heidegger And The Archetypal Psychology Of James Hillman As A Psychological Philosopher, Avens Brings Fresh Meanings To Basic Gnostic Ideas About Angels, Salvation Through Knowledge, And The World As Alive And Ensouled Therapies That Encourage Personified Images And Ecology Movements Concerned With The Soul In Things Can Find Here A Trailer ↠´ The New Gnosis: Heidegger, Hillman, and Angels PDF by ↠´ Roberts Avens Profound Philosophical Ground In The New Gnosis I cannot speak to the author s understanding of Hillman, in which I have no expertise However, his understanding of Heidegger is so flawed as to be at many points not simply a strange interpretation or variant notion but simply wrong The equation of Dasein with the soul is bad but not disastrous The equation of the animus mundi with Heidegger s world betrays so fundamental a misunderstanding if Heidegger s thought as to imperil anything that might be associated with it Ultimately, whatever insights are available here areproductively found by reading Corbin or Heidegger or I presume Hillman I was disappointed especially because the title was so suggestive and provocative, and I believe that interesting things might be said here, but by attempting to link Heidegger too closely with depth psychology, Avens does violence, at the least, to Heidegger in a catastrophic way.

If someone ever asked me how something can be real that isn t a thing i.
e a being , I d give them this book The ultimate unity isn t a thing, but a dance, a play.
Ñ The New Gnosis: Heidegger, Hillman, and Angels ↠´ The introduction was exceptionally helpful the book is good, but best to have read a fair amount of Hillman and Heidegger first Actually, I wish I had read Henri Corbin before now but that was better handled for a beginner than the Heidegger I didn t care for Avens constant use of internal quotations and would have preferredparaphrasing to help the text hang together in acohesive voice.

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