Wentworth, Once A Wealthy, Privileged English Landowner, Is Convicted Of Murdering Her Husband After Being Transported To A Penal Colony In New South Wales While Pregnant, Bryony Gives Birth To Her Child, Then Loses It To Fever Captain Hayden St John Collects Her From The Prison So That She Can Become A Wet Nurse For His Son Grief Stricken Over The Loss Of His Wife, Hayden Is Bitter And Untrusting Bryony, Fearful And Angry At Her Fate, Finds Much To Ê Night in Eden Å Download by à Candice Proctor Resent In Hayden, But His Child Offers Her A New Will To Live Although Hayden And Bryony Fight Their Attraction, Their Union Is So Deeply Passionate That It Seems Nothing Can Threaten Their Happiness Until Bryony S Past Comes To Haunt Her I added this book to my TBR than a year ago, when I saw it recommended in a book group using keywords like emotional, angsty, unique, etc But sadly, TBRs being what they are, this fell way down the list and without my library owning it, I likely never would have read it Then suddenly I devoured Sebastian St Cyr and soon discovered this was a pen name for C.
S Harris, and I tracked down a copy of this bookand boy am I glad It makes me sad to think of never experiencing this beautiful, heartbreaking book I held my breath through half of it, in anticipation of the next heartbreaking moment, because oh was there heartbreak And in this, her debut, it is clear how Candice has always written about the grittier side of life and how well she knows human emotion Bryony Wentworth, once a wealthy, privileged English landowner, is convicted of murdering her husband After being transported to a penal colony in New South Wales while pregnant, Bryony gives birth to her child, then loses it to fever Captain Hayden St John collects her from the prison so that she can become a wet nurse for his son Grief stricken over the loss of his wife, Hayden is bitter and untrusting Bryony, fearful and angry at her fate, finds much to resent in Hayden, but his child offers her a new will to live Although Hayden and Bryony fight their attraction, their union is so deeply passionate that it seems nothing can threaten their happiness until Bryony s past comes to haunt her.
This was my first time reading this author and I must say I really enjoyed it A Historical, set in Australia, this was a new theme for me When I tell you to do so

Night in Eden, by Candice Proctor Five full stars An exceptional book one of the best I ve read so far this year A realistic look at life in 1808, New South Wales and the struggle to carve out a life in a strange, forbidding land Within just a few pages I was enthralled with the story The harsh brutality of the beautiful Australian setting is not just a wallpaper backdrop, but actually a vital ingredient to the flavor of this book The Government House, Parramatta, Australia One of the things I loved about it is that our heroine, Bryony, is at first truly afraid of our hero, Hayden She s not swooning with lust and sighing over his masculinity like so many romance novel heroines do when they are in close proximity of the hero As a woman convict, grief stricken from the loss of her children, in a land where rape is the expected norm, she i Candice Proctor C.
S Harris is spectacular This book is cracking The initial scene is incredibly vivid as are many others, and it s about a female convict I wish I had the energy to write a better review, but I m reading a lot on a beautiful weekend for a reason, which is I don t feel well, so reviews will have to wait a bitBest I can say is can you get your hands on this If yes,read it some sensitive content though

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