I just started in sales and was having problems with getting past both my feelings of rejections and objection, I was able to get past my rejection and start focusing on helping my customers get over their objections, this book had an effect the very next day of reading it PLEASE BUY THIS BOOK especially if you are a beginner.
If you re a sales person struggling with the impact rejection is having on you, this book will help It not only goes into some of the neuroscience behind why prospects react the the way they do, why sales people then react they way they do, it goes still further and offers a structure and strategies as to how to deal with both The book details the 4 types of rejections sales people come up against in most deals and then offers a psychological reasoning and remedy for each What I most liked about this book is it is not some clever answers to stupid questions checklist, it is a well thought out, psychology based approach to identifying and dealing with the one thing salespeople encounter the most rejection This is the best book on the topic I have read to date.
As I am interested in sales I found this book a great read

I m on the other side of the table most often and have to say that I sometimes enjoy reading these improve your sales books They are not usually well written or and I frankly don t think there is much to pick up The reason is it helps me stop them when I can see when even they don t believe in their products or believe that they re selling me a good deal Many sales people seem to go on very similar scripts instead of simply believing in themselves, listening to the customer and selling something that s worth keeping.
This book does actually have some good advise A lot is self evident and should already be ingrained in sales people, but sometimes it s good to write even the basics down and retrain bad habits It s approachable, short and to the point and thankfully doesn t use too much marketing speech.
ð Objections: The Ultimate Guide for Mastering the Art and Science of Getting past No ☆ I found this an interesting book like some other reviewers I obtained it in order to read from the other side of the table and to increase my defense strategies when being targeted by sales people I am all for dialogue, but on my terms and if I want something I will seek it out for myself and when I am ready, find someone to talk to The first sign of push and it s an immediate push back and a boot out of the door So it was useful to read up on the push and the how to I don t know if the author had that quite in mind when writing the work, but I guess it s all sales of the product It has some useful information on using positive language and overcoming objections although your firm had better back you up with a bucket load of expenses After running a small business, most of my objections to sales calls is the fact tgat they are trying to sell something that I don t want even if I coukd afford it.
This is a fascinating, practical and very accessible book I ve read a few how to sell books over the years and most have been quite script oriented and manipulative, particularly the NLP based ones This book feels muchdown to earth and pragmatic and is full of useful ideas that the author knows to be effective As someone on the other side of the sales equation, I found it very interesting to get into the head of someone whose aim is to sell me something no matter what and overcome my resistance But forewarned is forearmed Are Few One Size Fits All Solutions In Sales Context Matters Complex Sales Are Different From One Call Closes BB Is Different Than BC Prospects, Territories, Products, Industries, Companies, And Sales Processes Are All Different There Is Little Black And White In The Sales Profession Except For Objections There Is Democracy In Objections Every Salesperson Must Endure Many NOs In Order To Get To YES Objections Don T Care Or Consider Who You Are, What You Sell, [ Pdf Objections: The Ultimate Guide for Mastering the Art and Science of Getting past No  world-of-darkness PDF ] by Jeb Blount Æ How You Sell, Or If You Are New To Sales Or A Veteran For As Long As Salespeople Have Been Asking Buyers To Make Commitments, Buyers Have Been Throwing Out Objections And, For As Long As Buyers Have Been Saying No, Salespeople Have Yearned For The Secrets To Getting Past Those NOs Following In The Footsteps Of His Blockbuster Best Sellers Fanatical Prospecting And Sales EQ, Jeb Blount S Objections Is A Comprehensive And Contemporary Guide That Engages Your Heart And Mind In His Signature Right To The Point Style, Jeb Pulls No Punches And Slaps You In The Face With The Cold, Hard Truth About What S Really Holding You Back From Closing Sales And Reaching Your Income Goals Then He Pulls You In With Examples, Stories, And Lessons That Teach Powerful Human Influence Frameworks For Getting Past NO Even With The Most Challenging Objections

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