This was a heartwarming story about Italian culture told mostly through food There is a lot of love and kindness in this book While reading it I kept wishing for recipes and at the end, there were recipes Very similar to A Sweet Life in Paris by David Lebowitz, only a female perspective in Italy.
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uk programmes b07dkk0cDescription Katherine Wilson tells her story of travelling to Naples and discovering love, food and family in a uniquely Neapolitan way.
Fresh out of college in 1996, Katherine arrives in Naples from America to intern at the United States Consulate There is a chaotic, vibrant energy about Naples that forces you to let go and give in, writes Katherine, who meets handsome, studious Salvatore and finds herself immediately enveloped by his elegant mother, Raffaella, and the rest of the Avallone family.
From that moment, Katherine s education begins Never eat the crust of a pizza first, always stand up and fight for yourself and your loved ones, and consider mealtimes sacred food must be The Tradition Of M F K Fisher And Peter Mayle, This Enchantingly Warm And Witty Memoir Follows American Born Katherine Wilson On Her Adventures Abroad, Where A Three Month Rite Of Passage In Naples Turns Into A Permanent Embrace Of This Boisterous City On The Mediterranean It Is All Thanks To A Surprising Romance, A New Passion For Food, And A Spirited Woman Who Will Become Her Mother In Law And Teach Her To Laugh, To Seize Joy, And To Trailer  Only in Naples: lessons in food and famiglia from my Italian mother-in-law PDF by Ä Katherine Wilson Love Katherine Wilson falls in love with Naples and you will too For those currently craving a story steeped in light hearted humor, romance and with calorie upon calorie described in its pages, Only in Naples is the book for you.
We are intimately introduced to Katherine s journey of love and the acceptance by an Italian family in Naples that changed her life This family offers her their hearts, love, tradition, and family life and consider her as one of their own.
It is a signature piece that celebrates February and Valentine s Day every day of the year and every day of her life.
This venture teaches the reader what it is like to be taken up with the swirling, fascinating life of Naples There is no going back once Katherine takes that first step on her journey Naples plays a sneak attack on her heart and o î Only in Naples: lessons in food and famiglia from my Italian mother-in-law Ú I really wanted to like this one From descriptions and title I thought this was going to be a bit food related Yes, there is food but not quite what I was expecting This is really the memoir of Katherine Wilson She comes from a very wealthy family and that came across in the first few pages of the book that was my first uh oh The book is about her internship at the U.
S Consulate in Naples, that she got through family connections She tells the story of her time in Naples and how she met her husband and fell in love Now I understand she is in Italy But she constantly throws in Italian words and phrases and then, sometimes, gives the English equivalent It became very grating to me because it was constant and it seemed pompous I found myself skimming a bit because it was This was a delightful story of a woman who moved to Naples to do an internship at the American consulate after college She has a contact in Naples, calls them and their son arrives to pick her up for dinner She falls in love with the son but really with his mother, Raffaella I think the love affair with her husband would never happen if she didn t love his mother so much It talks about immersing herself in Italian culture and learning the language, In Naples it s not just the language but the hand gestures that go with it She also learns the ins and outs of the culture which is very different, not only from America but other parts of Italy It is a fun, good natured romp through the twists and turns of Advanced reading copy review Due to be published April 19,2016Although I found it very hard to identify with the author s background and almost unbelievable naivete, I found myself enjoying her tales of a self imposed stranger in a strange land Katherine Wilson comes from a monied family Wilson sporting goods and the American South In her family it is traditional to spend a semester during after college immersed in one foreign city s culture She chose Naples Almost immediately upon arriving she falls in with a family, the Avallones, who lead her into a Neapolitan rabbit hole of traditions and customs all revolving around food Perhaps not the best thing for someone with a history of eating disorders.
Her story consists of many short chapters, most devoted t A mixed reaction from me I grew up and was very close friends with an Italian family who lived next door to me in Chicago, in fact my friend Vicki married my cousin Anyway that is what attracted me to this memoir Normally memoirs about privilege individuals are not my favorite thing, but I was curious and it sounded fun Some it was, loved the cultural and cooking discussions or insights, but some areas I felt were undeveloped or lightly touched on and some comments I felt were in very poor taste.
Loved the included recipes at the end, and the writing was good but well just wanted in some areas and a little less in others.
ARC from Netgalley.

It was hard for me not to like Only in Naples, but I don t expect it will be everyone s cup of tea and in some ways it was a bit puzzling Only in Naples is a memoir written by Katherine Wilson, who grew up in the upper classes of Washington she is a Wilson of the tennis ball Wilsons She went to Naples after graduating from Princeton to do an unpaid internship at the American consulate, and never left She met a boy, fell in love with him and his family, and enthusiastically immersed herself in life in Naples and Italy Her memoir recounts her adventures adapting to Naples and her new found family She focuses a lot on food and on her attempts to understand the social conventions of her new found family Her enthusiasm for her new Katherine Wilson, rich, WASP, overweight and over sensitive, travels to Naples, Italy for a post college internship and to Experience the World She is quickly introduced to the Avallone family, which conveniently has a son Katherine s age She and Salvatore get lined up, they go hang out with his family for the evening, and Katherine begins to learn how Italians specifically the Napoli variety think far differently than Americans, and yet how we re all alike in other ways.
This was a pleasant read for the most part, as Katherine relates various episodes from her life in Italy and her growing relationship with Salva Her mother in law to be is in fact an amazing person The author s voice is often self deprecating and sometimes the stories were a bit too warts and all for my comfort These are real people and her family Wasn t she a little worried that so

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