Par s bien vale una novela Un libro cuyo objetivo es darnos a conocer la historia, a trav s de ocho siglos, de una de las ciudades que en diversos momentos de la historia ha ocupado un lugar de preminencia en la civilizaci n occidental La narraci n es muy amena, interesante y de f cil lectura, una especie de clase de historia novelada, aunque tal vez le hizo falta algo para terminar de concretar en una obra monumental Este autor Ingl s contempor neo llamado Edward Rutherfurd 1948 es conocido como el iniciador de la novela llamada intergeneracional y seguramente le requiri un esfuerzo gigantesco de organizaci n tanto intelectual como de documentaci n para poder concretar este original proyecto.
La obra me parece que adem s de original est muy bien ideada y estructurada, de tal forma que logra su objetivo de describirnos la evoluci n de la ci I had some mixed feelings about this On one hand, I didn t really like how he jumped back and forth through time instead of following alinear timeline as he does in his other books On the other hand, I did like that the timeline he kept returning to was the period of the Belle Epoque through World War II, which is really the time when Paris was becoming the city we know today However, I didn t understand why he didn t start earlier in time than the briefest glimpse of the 1200s In a later chapter he briefly mentioned a former Roman settlement That was certainly pre 1200 It seemed also like he made an effort to avoid the historical commentary that is his custom except for a brief 1 or 2 page intro I thought that this would be a good change, leavingtime for the stories of the characters, but instead I felt like I missed a lot of information The entire By The Haunting, Passionate Story Of The City Of Lights, This Epic Novel Weaves A Gripping Tale Of Four Families Across The Centuries From The Lies That Spawn The Noble Line Of De Cygne To The Revolutionary Le Sourds Who Seek Their Destruction From The Blanchards Whose Bourgeois Respectability Offers Scant Protection Against Scandal To The Hard Working Gascons And Their Soaring AmbitionsThe Story Of Paris Bursts To Life In The Intrigue, Corruption And Glory Of Its People Beloved Author Edward Rutherford Illuminates Paris As Only He Can [Edward Rutherfurd] ✓ Paris [zen PDF] read Online ã Capturing The Romance And Everyday Drama Of The Men And Women Who, In Two Thousand Years, Transformed A Humble Trading Post On The Muddy Banks Of The Seine Into The Most Celebrated City In The World I remember reading Rutherfurd s first historical epic, Sarum, and being swept away by the story of Salisbury, England and its families through the centuries Since then, Rutherfurd has written severalof these historical novels, about Russia, Ireland, London and New York.
Rutherfurd has developed a sort of formula for these novels He takes a few families and follows their generations through the centuries The families tend to be from varying levels of society, so that their stories can give a fuller view of life in the particular location of the story Different family members will be involved in some way with key events in the location s history, and quite often the families have interactions or relationships with each other throughout the history.
In this book, the families are the highborn de Cygnes the Le Sourds, pitted against the de Cygnes again and again throughout the ages the labore Paris is a multi generational, multi century novel set in and around the city I wish I could give this book two ratings a two AND a four As a travel book, which is what it was for a recent trip to Paris for my wife and me, it was nearly perfect It relates great gobs of Parisian history in easy to swallow bites The characters walk through the same streets you walk through and go to the same sites you do How was life at Versailles for those thousands of noblemen and women What was it like to build the Eiffel Tower What was the anti Protestant crackdown like Great descriptions of all of them Definitely worth a four I would recommend it to anybody going to Paris, recently returned or even someone who wants to re Rutherfurd returns to offer another multi generational view at one of the world s great cities, using his popular formula to capture the wonders of Paris The story expands from the lineage of three families the le Sourds, de Cygnes, and Renards, Rutherfurd While it must be said that the book is not for the weak of concentration, its tales do link together, loosely, one from the other Peppered with the essentials of a decent piece of fiction, the reader experiences love, loss, and betrayal, with sides of war, triumph, and tribulation While not told in chronological order, the dedicated reader will pick up the thread of the narration and piece the larger story together, with its rich nuances Touching on some historical happenings to help with the setting and plot advancement, Rutherfurd offers his own spin on many of the events that touched Paris and the world as a whole while injecting è Paris è I feel like, to really dislike a book, I should explain why Been a big fan of Rutherfurd since I picked up London, then Russka, Sarum, Princes of Ireland, New York, and the rest All are great, 4 or 5 star books Paris, gets one, based on the disappointment I felt What he did was forget what made those other books great Paris has a lot of great, great history, exciting stuff that would be fascinating to read about.
and he barely mentions Instead, he got completely wrapped up with the romance part Napoleonmentioned, but not the typical chapter with a main character in one of the Little General s battles The guillotine, mentioned, actually the best chapter of the book.
but only 20 pages Black Plaguenot touched on World War I.
touched on, but only as a time setting for a romance See a theme This is hardly historical fiction it s a series of romance stories set in Paris That s why I gav

5 stars.
a wonderful languorous journey through Parisian history told from the perspective of four multigenerational families.
simple and elegant writing made this a joy to read.
I have never been to Paris, but if I ever get there I will be thinking about the ambitious and likable Monsieur Eiffel, my favorite real person who comes to life in this novel and Thomas Gascon, my favorite character.
I have been exposed toFrench history than I ll ever remember but it was an enjoyable trip as the history comes to life through the stories of several families Their stories unfold over the span of centuries from the 1200 s through 1960 s They are working class people, bourgeois, and aristocrats and over the span of centuries, Rutherford cleverly intertwines their stories.
The political landscape is depicted at various times from the rule of King Louis IX all the way up to the German invasion of P W O W I really, really enjoyed this There is only one thing that prevents me from giving five stars the language is ordinary I still want to highly recommend it, but I better explain for whom it is best suited Even if I sat glued, it might not fit all.
This book is chock full of history Lots of interesting historical details that are presented in an easily understood manner and clearly explained Battle scenes are short This book does cover the two wars but it is not just about them Many of the historical events have whole books written on that ONE event Reading this book is like reading tons of other books all in one You see the whole picture I found not one error I don t believe any reader will fail to learn something new Do you know why we use the term plaster of Paris Do you know of the Faux Paris in

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