Ohmygoodness, I remember reading this with my brother when he was only maybe one At least 14 years ago now how is that possible Three things I love about this book 1 The smell of the flowers2 The weird retro look of the family3 How my daughter reacts to the book Examples Instead of patting the bunny, she PRESSES it really hard She delights in playing peek a boo with Paul Oh, and she says that daddy looks like me, her mommy.
History Provides Sense Of Safety And Trust Endorsed By Child Development Experts For Its Developmental Features And Sensory Approach Cross Generation Recognition Choice For Gift Giver And Parent Introducing Pat The Bunny S New Download Epub Format à Pat the Bunny (Touch and Feel Book) PDF by ✓ Dorothy Kunhardt Friends A classic of toddler and pre toddlerdom The very young love it.
I am moved to review in Jul 2016 because I bought a new edition for DS 2 age 1 and it s better quality than his older one or ones how quickly a sleep deprived parent s memory fades How often does that happen, these days Pages seem tougher and Judy s book inside a book is no longer made from flimsy rippable paper.
Jul 2018 The comb that serves as the binding is and was a weak spot Too late for some copies of this book we ve gone through at least one per child but I ve seen people use yarn to tie it back together Most of one year old DD 2 s original copy survives, but we went ahead and purchased the larger sized Special Edition for her anyway In addition to being significantly bigger, it also includes two features which were in the 1940s version but were dropped later The child can rattle a button box, and the Lovely lil book This was really sweet, and encourages interaction between child and book Awesome.
The kids in our family are a bit too old for this already, but now I m hoping for a new addition to the family, so I ll have an excuse to go buy this book ¼ Pat the Bunny (Touch and Feel Book) ¼ This is definitely the best book I have ever read yes, divergent has been replaced.

This unexpurgated edition, with two experimental pages that were replaced with the mirror and smelly flowers, is worth the splurge for true literary scholars You can see why they were cut while mommy s rattling button box is fun, dolly s squeaky ball is next to impossible to use, unless you slam the book down on the table and then it squeaks great, and both add a lot of expense in manufacturing My 6 month old doesn t seem to care for much except the bunny, which apparently, from what I can tell looking at original editions for sale, was made of a fuzzy fabric, because fake fur wasn t common in 1940, so this book is a tale of the potential value of constant editorial refinement in classic literature So here you have it, the completest version of Pat ever compiled Recommended academic, supplementary.
I don t know if one can review this book It s Pat The Bunny You get to pat the bunny How cool is that All the activities in the book are things kids do except patting the bunny Is that a normal childhood activity, patting bunnies I don t remember patting that many bunnies Well, we did own Marshmallow or Thumbalina, depending on which kid you asked there d been a disagreement over who had the right to name the rabbit , but we didn t pat it all that often Bunnies aren t that friendly And if you look at it for a while, the bunny in Pat the Bunny is sort of freaky looking And why is the entire book called Pat the Bunny when the bunny gets one page Why isn t it called Touch Dad s Scratchy Face Okay, that book wouldn t be a kid s classic sixty years later All three of my children went through a couple of copies of Pat the Bunny until they were tattered and torn It is a wonderfully tactile book that gives every excuse to snuggle up with a child That is the true language of a children s book the language of love that passes between a parent and child It has very little to do with words.

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