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Title: PawnVolume 2
Series: Pawn,#2
Author: Maya St.
Release date:17th February, 2015
Rating: 44.
5 "Oral distinction" stars
Cliffhanger: Yes
HEA:(view spoiler)

When I call, you come.

Four days.
That's how long Graham gave Elle to hide before he came back for his pawn.
Four days of Elle thinking of Graham and little else.
Four days of anticipation growing and me dying trying to figure out what would happen when Graham finally got Elle back.

Before dawn breaks, I will have driven all my frustrationall my wantsinto Eleanor's body, and she won't even think of disappearing for four fucking days again bec
RATING: 4 “My knight in kinky armour” HEARTS!!

Pawn Part 2 of 3


PawnVolume 2 starts off where its predecessor left off, with Senator Graham Delaney and Eleanor Courtney parting ways with the revelation of Graham’s ulterior motives, however, not for long, if Graham Delaney has anything to say about it.
And does he ever.
" With that one word, Maya St.
James further unravels the seductively risqué relationship between Graham and Elle, and in its progression gives us, yet again, a temptingly carnal read to devour.

In this, the gameboard has been set, the Chess piec In the second installment of Pawn, we begin the story just where book one left off.
Eleanor confronts Graham and walks out.
Four days pass until he can no longer take it.
Four long days of his body craving her, but he’s not about to back down now.
And Graham is a man that gets what he wants.
But for Eleanor, she is craving him just as badly.
Wanting to stay buried under his skin, to get to see the glimpse of the man that lies beneath the posh suits and dirty talk.

This serial series just hit a whole new level of hot! But not only are we getting some pretty sexy scenes and more of the delectable Senator, we also get the pieces to the story – the reasons why.
The need for him to use Eleanor, to destroy her father.
The only questi º Pawn - Volume 2 (Pawn, #2) ¶ I hate to say it.

But this sequel was a miss for me.
I just felt like it read like an extended lost chapter of the first book and offered nothing new to me.

I was not a fan of this AT all.
I loved book one because it was fun to read, had shocking elements and despite being short in length, it had characters with layered pasts that made you curious about them.

However, this sequel just extended the cat and mouse chase game that happened in book 1 between Graham and Elle and at first it was kinda cool and suspenseful but after a while, I kinda wanted to slap Graham with how he was dealing with Elle.
He got annoying for me.

And I get it that when a person gets hurt, they sometimes can get cold with others and dont want to show vul 4 Forbidden Stars

Though Graham is still playing games with Elle, they are both feeling more than either of them intended.
She can't get him out of her head when he's away and he can't seem to get enough of her when she's with him.


But Graham is still playing a dangerous game.
What will happen when Elle figures it all out?

I am loving this series.
I can't say enough about it.
I want to the next installment NOW! It was okay, I needed more.

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