Read this long, looooooooooong ago Just about to read the whole series again Fond memories.
Loved this when I was young read it many times.
Was One Of The Most Popular American Novelist And Dramatist Of His Time The Penrod Series Of Novels Deal With The Daily Life And Trials Of A Boy Of Eleven And Twelve In Turn Of The Century Indiana The Humor Is Found In The Petty Hypocrisies Of The Adults And The Na Vet Of The Children And How Those Two Things Intertwine Penrod Is Not Alone In His Travels In This Volume He Is Accompanied By His Loyal Yet Aging Dog Duke, His Best ↠´ read ↠´ Penrod and Sam by Booth Tarkington ↠´ Friend Sam Williams, And Two African Americans Across The Alley, Herman And Verman Contents Penrod and Sam The Bonded Prisoner The Militarist Bingism The In Or In Georgie Becomes A Member Whitey Salvage Reward Of Merit Conscience The Tonic Gipsy Concerning Trousers Camera Work In The Jungle A Model Letter To A Friend Wednesday Madness Penrod S Busy Day On Account Of The Weather Creative Art The Departing Guest Yearnings The Horn Of Fame The Party And The Heart Of Marjorie Jones See Other Titles By This Author Available From Kessinger Publishing Seminal for me Shaped my sense of adolescence and America Then later I discovered the racism and classism.
Oh my goodness, these books are very entertaining Penrod is a young boy with quite the active imagination which gets himself and his friends into trouble quite frequently Very funny This is one of the most hilarious books we ever read as a family, but you do have to watch out for some ignorant racist comments.
Ü Penrod and Sam ☆ This book was given to me by my Grandpa years ago, and it was one of his favorites I appreciate it so much now, being the mom of three boys It s laugh out loud funny in parts Definitely written for another time, some things about little boys never change though

my father s copy must reread this summer.
This was, in effect, a sequel to Penrod This despite the fact that Penrod turned 12 at the end of the previous book and was nearly 12 in this book Whatever, it s the same cast of 11 year old boys doing the kinds of inventive, and often naughty, things that 11 year old boys do Rather a fun read.
Great book Very funny and entertaining It s sorta like Huck Finn except all the adventure takes place near the house Booth T has a rather dry and wry sense of humor, and I laughed out loud quite a bit His descriptions of the characters emotions and reactions are priceless

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