This is a 3.
5 star book to me, but better than the available three stars.
Whilst this book holds some reasonable information, in result, it feels like a good idea that ended up rushed to be finished This is probably not accurate, but explains my hesitation in giving stars.
In Depth Look At The Role Of Plant Spirits In Shamanic Rituals From Around The World Shows How Shamans Heal Using Their Knowledge Of Plant Spirits As Well As The Plant S Medical Properties Explores The Core Methods Of Plant Shamanism Soul Retrieval, Spirit Extraction, And Sin Eating And Includes Techniques For Connecting With Plant Spirits Includes Extensive Field Interviews With Master Shamans Of All Traditions In Plant Spirit Shamanism, Ross Heaven Å read ä Plant Spirit Shamanism: Traditional Techniques for Healing the Soul by Howard G.
Charing ä And Howard G Charing Explore The Use Of One Of The Major Allies Of Shamans For Healing, Seeing, Dreaming, And Empowerment Plant Spirits After Observing Great Similarities In The Use Of Plants Among Shamans Throughout The World, They Discovered The Reason Behind These Similarities Rather Than Dealing With The Medical Properties Of The Plants Or Specific Healing Techniques, Shamans Commune With The Spirits Of The Plants Themselves From Their Years Of In Depth Shamanic Work In The , Haiti, And Europe, Including Extensive Field Interviews With Master Shamans, Heaven And Charing Present The Core Methods Of Plant Shamanism Used In Healing Rituals The World Over Soul Retrieval, Spirit Extraction, Sin Eating, And The Ian Tradition Of Pusanga Love Medicine They Explain The Techniques Shamans Use To Establish Connections To Plant Spirits And Provide Practical Exercises As Well As A Directory Of Traditional Ian And Caribbean Healing Plants And Their Common North American Equivalents So Readers Can Ex Plore The World Of Plant Spirits And Make Allies Of Their Own I was really hoping for an anthropological study on shamanism This is like a self help guide Do I believe connecting with nature is a good thing and some of the techniques in the book can help heal your soul You bet If I am ill or injured I am going to the doctor though.
This is a good overview of working with plants The authors explore many different traditions and cultures and their practices.
º Plant Spirit Shamanism: Traditional Techniques for Healing the Soul º it really works

Fantastic book The best I have found for spiritually partnering with plants.
I enjoyed this book very much I felt it shed a little light on the subject of shamanism Learning about the different methods Shamans use, from perfumes to flower herbal baths and , was enjoyable to me and gave me a greater understanding of what tools and methods a Shaman uses.
There are suggested practices in this book which some may judge to be woo woo , but intuitive people and energy healers like myself should be able to navigate it without too much hesitation, if any at all My suggestion is that the book be read in its entirety, and you will use all or some of what resonates and you will not use what doesn t resonate.
I m very interested in continuing my shamanism studies, and will use some of the books mentioned in the Notes to add to my education on the matter.
I also will definitely use quite a bit of the

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