Playing by the Book is a coming of age story that provides an insightful look into the struggles experienced by Jake, a teenager from Alabama who wants to attend a summer workshop at Columbia University s Journalism School despite the concerns of his father, the local Preacher During this experience Jake gains exposure to a diverse group of teens with different beliefs and value systems than what he has been exposed to as a preachers kid The story is focused around Jake s personal transformation while at Columbia, as he is repeatedly reminded that there many different answers to life s big questions His journey leads him to an acceptance not only of himself but also of others as he begins to look at the world in a very different way These discoveries and how they coexist with his strong faith creates a story that everyone, regardless of age or backgr I loved this book I feel like this book will help a lot of young adults get through tough times I recommend it to anyone who struggles with identity.
Award Winning Novel About A Boy Preacher, Struggling To Reconcile His Faith And Sexuality When Seventeen Year Old High School Newspaper Editor Jake Powell, Fresh From Alabama, Lands In New York City To Attend Columbia University S Prestigious Summer Journalism Program, It S A Dream Come True But His Father, A Fundamentalist Christian Preacher, Smells Trouble And His Father Is Rarely WrongJake Navigates New And Unfamiliar Ways Up North Starting With His Feelings For A Handsome Jewish Classmate Named Sam What Jake Trailer ¶ Playing by the Book PDF by Ú S.
Chris Shirley Could Keep Hidden Back Home Is Now Pushed To The Surface In The Big AppleStanding By His Side Are A Gorgeous Brunette With A Park Avenue Attitude And The Designer Bags To Match, A High School Friend Who Has Watched Jake Grow Up And Isn T Sure She S Ready To Let Him Go, And An Outrageously Flamboyant Aunt Who S Determined To Help Jake Find The Courage To Accept Love And Avoid The Pain That She Has Experienced Provocative And Moving, Playing by the Book Is A Feel Good Novel About The Pain And Joy We Encounter In The Search For Our Own TruthIn Playing By The Book, S Chris Shirley Tells A Story I Loved Curling Up With, Featuring One Of The Most Endearing Teen Protagonists I Ve read In YearsAlex Sanchez, Author Of The God Box And Boyfriends With GirlfriendsThere S So Much To Admire In Chris Shirley S Debut Novel, But The Most Remarkable Thing May Be Its Voice Jake Is Both Earnest And Skeptical, Curious And Guarded, And He Tells His Story With An Endearing Humility That Somehow Avoids The Sarcasm That Has Become The Norm Playing by the Book Reminds Us Of How Rewarding It Can Be To Climb Into Someone Else S HeadPatrick Ryan, Author Of Send Me And Saints Of Augustine I loved this book The author wrestles with complicated subjects that have certainly been examined before in YA fiction coming out, the role of religion, and family dynamics But Shirley explores these issues in a new and compelling way through his narrative and his marvelous characters The book is real, fresh, funny, and forceful A great debut from a new talent.
I wasn t sure what to expect with this novel, but with a southern religious protagonist I knew I needed to read it to see how the author handled this and I am glad I did I was a little hesitant at first as the last two book I read from this publisher, 50 Shades of Gay and The Hunger Gays weren t amazing, but this one was excellent I received a copy of this book from Riverdale Avenue books and this is my honest opinion and I received nothing in return.
Playing by the Book is the story of Jake Powell and his journey from Preacher s Kid PK in small town Alabama to an elite summer journalism program at Columbia University in New York City This is the first time he s away from home and needless to say it is the experience of a lifetime Not only is this a coming out story Among many things I loved the honesty of this book A coming of age story told from the heart ä Playing by the Book ☆ It is such a sweet surprise to read a coming of age story that is full of smart, funny, but most importantly REAL situations This book could serve as inspiration for any young person looking at life and wondering what they really want Most of us have been in this situation a time or two Our parents want us to walk one road but we feel strongly about another road We see this as an impossible situations and this book brings that feeling, plus manyto light This story is about Jake, a level headed, well meaning kid from the south about to land in New York City for Columbia University s journalism program Jake is as hungry for experience as he is eager to do well And while he s been raised in a strict, religious household, he s about to discover th

Where to even begin I don t know what I expected when I picked up this book I can say I didn t expect what I got and I can also say I loved it This is a coming of age tale about a teenage boy, Jake Powell A small town preacher s kid PK with big dreams, big expectation from others , and an even bigger secret I have to admit that I am really struggling to write this review simply because I am not sure I can do this book justice I totally feel for Jake and his dislike of editorial writing right now, haha I feel like this book could be so monumental for teens struggling to come to terms with their beliefs, with their identity, and with their sexual orientation It feels as though I should be able to give you some awe inspiring review, but the book , well it just encompasses so many things and it sends it all straight to yo really enjoyed it it began as a 3.
5 and came to be a 4.
5 in the endMy thoughtsI was given a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment meexcerpt 2nd cor 12 7 10As the saying goes , every family has its cross to bear As does the Powell family One of the crosses looms above Jake Powell The pk preacher kid He has a drive for Journalism but his career choice is already determined, to be a preacher Playing by the Book is about Jake accepting himself and personal growth At least he does IMO.
Religion and to be precise, the Christian faith is of importance in this book I did not find it preachy but you may So be wary of that I grew up in a Christian household and I now when it gets preachy I hate the bigoted way that my family members former church goers are of opinion that homosexuality is a sin or a choice What a pleasure to read a coming out story that s smart, sweet, funny and, most importantly, real It s great to know that young people today have access to books like this that can serve as inspiration to face their fears, knowing that they re not alone I m eagerly looking forward to Mr Shirley s next novel.

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