Thirteen years ago this dreary little town on the coast of northern California was home to a mass murder where two families with their children, and friends died The town has never recovered and a dark cloud has settled Rho Swift was a rookie Sheriff s Deputy at the time of the murder, she was first on the scene and can t leave it behind.
The whole town is on edge as the anniversary nears Then a new murder shatters the uneasy peace and gets things get explosive as people die Rho is now a senior Deputy and is running point on the new murders and possible ties to the old case Now add a reporter from New York sticking his nose into town business and old secrets start to get revealed.
A very good story with likeable main characters and plenty of clues to unravel and you have a story worth investing a weekend in reading.
This one was fun In the front of the book is a map of Soledad County which sits on the Northern California coast between Humboldt and Mendocino At the north end of the County there is Oilville, obviously Petrolia, at the south end is Westhaven, the coast road is 1 and over on the inland side winds Highway 101, through the redwoods A few familiar names like Castle Rock and Eel River, and there you have the setting Muller does a great job evoking the North Coast folks, including the dope growers, former hippies commune dwellers, artists, hard drinking rednecks, etc Oh and of course the Second Home rich folks from the City There is a mystery with clues strewn around I admit I was leaning toward the red herrings of the suic

First in new series Like this better than the Sharon McCone mysteries by this author.
An emotionally complex character driven mystery Sheriff s deputy Rhoda Swift s territory is Northern California along the coast and the communities she patrols are spread out and thinly populated Summer tourists and rich people who own summer homes are all that is keeping the few open businesses going A massacre of two families that took place near Point Deception thirteen years previously has seriously poisoned the spirit of the year around locals as well, so they have nothing to fight the economic downturn Hard drinking is the main occupation when the residents come home from what work there is, including the cops Despite the open murder case of the two families, no one wants to talk about it or solve it Then, a New York journalist, Guy Newberry, comes to town asking questions about the old case At th ß Point Deception ß There are several reasons I read Muller s books First is that she writes intriguing characters and mysteries Second, most are placed in and around San Francisco, which I m familiar with This book isn t part of the Sharon McCone series, and it s too bad that it will get lost in the reviews of Muller s books, because, in someways, I think it s even better The location is on the California coast north of SF Muller s fictional place, but being familiar with that area, I have a mental image of what is written She even provides a map I love a book with a map I befrended Rhoda, the protagonist, right away, and hope she will be in the two other books of this small series The plot is moved by several characters, and events that took place years before I will definitely read the two other books in the series.
This is an excellent stand alone mystery by the award winning author of the Sharon McCone private eye novels set in San Francisco In the remote, Northern California coastal community of Point Deception so named because in the late 1800 s smugglers and bootleggers used to put lanterns on the long spit of land to deceive the local authorities while they unloaded their cargo in a prearranged isolated cove , a young woman, a complete stranger, is found murdered, her body washing up on shore And it reminds the locals of previous murders that happened almost thirteen years ago in an isolated canyon compound tempers flare and the mood around town darkens As the investigation goes on, Deputy Sheriff Rhoda Swift and Guy Newberry, a This non McCone mystery got off to a bit of a slow start for me I wondered whether this was because it isn t part of the long running McCone series and therefore possibly different from what I was subconciously expecting but I ve also read ok, devoured all Muller s other books that I could get my hands on including those featuring Elena Oliverez and Joanna Stark so I am aware that Muller can write other stuff too I think it s the billing as a thriller that had set me thinking down the wrong lines I m not quite sure of the technical definition of a thriller but I think of somehting suspenseful when I think of a thriller Which is only a complaint about the marketing of this book I m finding it to be a very competent mystery full of interesting characters.
In a brand new series from Marcia Muller, she told us a cryptic tale in Point Deception, the first book in the Point Deception trilogy series In this mystery, we were introduced to Rhoda Swift, the local deputy in this fictional Sonoma County town She was haunted by the thirteen year old murders of two families that haven t been solved On the anniversary, she believed the anniversary had created a new crime spree, when a local woman s dead body turned up on the shores of Point Deception For Guy Newberry, a best selling author who had cracked the mysteries of infamous towns, they would discover the shocking truth, while the connection between them grew stronger.
Body Of An Woman Washes Up Near Point Deception, California A Day After She Was Spotted Near Her Broken Down Car On The Highway Deputy Sheriff Rhoda Swift Worries The Woman S Brutal Rape And Murder Will Resurrect Fears From The Unsolved Massacre Of Two Families Years Before When Rhoda Investigates With Journalist Guy Newberry, A Shocking Truth Will Test How Far She Is Willing To Go For Justice ¼ read Í Point Deception by Marcia Muller ☆ May I enjoy Marcia Muller very much However, this Point Deception 1, Cape Perdido Series is a difficult read I could have been a distracted reader or it could have been a Community s despair that permeated the entire novel Either way, the story is a sad one Thirteen years ago, this Community experienced some horrifying murders They have never really recovered Now, this beaten down community has to deal with death As the investigation progresses, it appears some community members have lots of secrets As I have read and 1 respectively and I like Muller, I will likely read 3.

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