I use to like Clive s books but lately they have become really hard to like Dirk Pitt is his original character but this book had so many plot holes and stupid oversights that I just could not get into it.
Dirk is sent to investigate the disappearance of a secret drive system They of course find the shipwreck but over look the mysterious ship that just happens to be hanging around.
The bad guys steal the system from Dirk and crew After a chase of course Dirk recovers the girl and manages to destroy the prototype drive system.
However the US government is so inept that they don t think to send someone to search the scientist s lab and home But of course this urgent search can wait for Dirk to take the girl for a dinner date and then a leisurely drive out to the home.
They find the scientist s research notes just before the ba I have read all the Dirk Pitt novels and have really enjoyed them, until this one.
Most of the novels catch your interested from the 2nd or 3rd page Most have very well written and researched plots that are believable The fun part was always the historical secondary plot that made the stories unique This one the secondary plot isn t even mentioned until 3 4 of the ways thru the book Usually once I start the book I have a hard time putting the book down Not so this time, I let the book set several days while I watched re runs on T.
You can read all the other reviews to get the book cover info about this addition of the Dirk Pitt series The problem is that when you read all the other stories in the series, you know that Dirk is not stupid If a major new weapon system is stolen he is going to take security precautions Exciting and fun, even if I didn t understand all of it.
It s been a few years since I have read a Dirk Pitt novel They re fun, but not too much deep, except for the diving Beach reading This one has a bit of Clancy s The Hunt for Red October, as the U.
S Navy is developing a superfast, super quiet submarine A crazy Austrian steals the plans and the prototype as part of his plan to create a monopoly on rare earth elemnents along with the Chinese As always, this is far fetched, and just when things are bleakest, help appears from nowhere to saeve Dirk, his friends, or his family.
Pitt Is Oceanography S Answer To Indiana Jones, Praises The Associated Press Exotic Locations, Ruthless Villains And Many Narrow Escapes Cussler S Fans Come For Swashbuckling And He Delivers And Now The Cusslers Bring Us Pitt S Most Dangerous Adventure Of AllIt Is The Greatest Advance In American Defense Technology In Decades An Attack Submarine Capable Of Incredible Underwater Speeds Nothing Else In Any Other Nation S Naval Arsenal Even Comes Close There Is Only One Problem A Key Element à Poseidon's Arrow Ú Download by ✓ Clive Cussler Of The Prototype Is Missing And The Man Who Developed It Is DeadAt The Same Time, Ships Have Started Vanishing Mid Ocean, Usually Never To Be Found Again, But When They Are, Sometimes Bodies Are Found Aboard Burned To A CrispWhat Is Going On And What Does It Have To Do With An Italian Submarine That Itself Disappeared In , Lost At Sea Or Was She It Is Up To NUMA Director Dirk Pitt And His Team, Aided By A Beautiful NCIS Agent And By Pitt S Children, Marine Engineer Dirk And Oceanographer Summer, To Go On A Desperate International Chase To Find The Truth, From Washington To Mexico, Idaho To Panama What They Discover At The End Of It Is A Much, Much Greater Threat Than Even They ImaginedIf They Don T Succeed In Their Mission, The World As They Know It Might End Up A Very Different Place And Not A Pleasant OneFilled With Breathtaking Suspense And Extraordinary Imagination, Poseidon S Arrow Is Further Proof That When It Comes To Adventure Writing, Nobody Beats Clive Cussler

I know that Pitt is going to survive but Cussler s books are still a fun read.
Suspend belief and enjoy the ride  Poseidon's Arrow  The elements of the Cussler style for the Dirk Pitt adventures are all here the damsel in distress, events on opposite sides of th globe being linked, a huge build up to a quick finale, and a bit player named Clive Cussler Add to this Dirk Pitt Jr and his sister Summer who follows in the grand tradition of Scrappy Doo, Muppet Babies, and every other story teller who has run dry of original ideas for his main character so adds the main characters son to continue the adventures and one gets an increasingly frustrating series It s all formulaic but the telling is done well and moves at a decent pace What makes the Isaac Bell series seem fresh than the Dirk Pitt stories Is it the co author Or a tiredness the author himself has with Real rating 3.
5 ishThe low rating is for the three events that occured one after each other you ll know what I mean when you see them One OK, two was really stretching it but the third one was patently absurd that there was no security by that point.
Apart from that a fairly classic Dirk Pitt adventure A bit disjointed than usual and the feeling I got was the book was a little rushed It was entertaining and for the most part reasonably workable.
Dopo tre anni riprendo a leggere una nuova avventura di Dirk Pitt, la serie avventurosa scritta dal prolifico Clive Cussler e della quale non mi sono perso neanche un volume Il titolo del romanzo riguarda il nome di un nuovo e tecnologicamente avanzato sottomarino, il Sea Arrow La Freccia di Poseidone in italiano e la storia infatti ruoter su questo prototipo che verr rubato Ma quando Dirk Pitt e Al Giordino si metteranno sulle tracce di chi ci possa essere dietro a questo furto e attentato viene ucciso il progettista del sottomarino i problemi aumenteranno vertiginosamente, fino a condurli a un pericoloso uomo d affari austriaco Anche stavolta ho ritrovato con piacere il mio Dirk Pitt, sempre pronto a salvare gli altri quasi sempre mettendo a repentaglio la propria vita Effettivamente, vista l et di Pitt ha

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