Been Intrigued By The Indian Fashion Industry Its Stereotypes Of Drugged Models, Gay Designers, And Fascinating But Unaffordable Clothes Join Shefalee Vasudev, Former Editor Of Marie Claire And An Acclaimed Fashion Journalist, On A Deep Sea Dive Into The Gagging Depths Of Indian Fashion In Powder Room, She Offers An Insider S View Of People Who Make The Industry What It Is From A Lower Middle Class Girl Who Sells Global Luxury For A Living To A Designer Who Fights The Inner Demons Of [ read Online Powder Room ↠´ world-of-darkness PDF ] by Shefalee Vasudev À Child Sexual Abuse Yet Manages To Survive And Thrive In The Business Of Fashion, Or A Ludhiana Housewife On A Perpetual Fashion High Besides Candid Interviews Of Known Names In Indian Fashion, Shefalee Provides A Commentary On New Social Behaviour, Urban Culture, Generational Differences, And The Compulsions Behind Conspicuous Consumption In A Country Splitting At The Seams With Inequalities Of Opportunity And Wealth From Nagaland To Patan, Mumbai, Delhi, And Punjab, Powder Room Mirrors How And Why India Does Fashion

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