good outstanding bookit will help to know about the past history of moasist ¿ read प्रयोगशाला, नेपाली सङ्क्रमणमा दिल्ली, दरबार र माओवादी by Sudheer Sharma ¿ , , ,, I was constantly amazed the entire time while reading this book I was left with a feeling that you don t really know Nepal s politics, especially what happens behind the scenes in Nepal s politics without reading this book Sudhir Sharma is a person who, after decades of work in journalism, has understood the major forces shaping Nepal s politics very well He has done an excellent job describing to the average reader the whos, hows, and whys of the decade long civil war period and its aftermath This book is a must read for every Nepali person.
Good one Gives details of Maoist insurgency Few opinions and lots of facts Must read to know the arbiters of Nepali politics There s new king in town.
↠´ प्रयोगशाला, नेपाली सङ्क्रमणमा दिल्ली, दरबार र माओवादी ↠´ I liked the way it was written All the controversies , scandals and things that happen in day to day political scenario of Nepal that you read in news daily can be visualized and we can relate to it Lot of secrets opened in this book yet it kinda felt not so real You question yourself could that really have happened But a must read book if you want to know Nepal s current situation and how it reached up to this level.

These chronological essays of modern events ie the seed and start of Maoist rebellion, see saw relationship between different power centers parties, Maoists, palace and india, gives a sort of fiction type account of Nepalese power struggle.
The only sad thing is, these accounts do not seem fictional, and does not give an outlook on a fair and able leadership to get development in the Himalayan nation working.
I would like to review this book with a quote of C S Lewis Isn t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different Prayogshaala is a history of recent past in which period I have lived, and it amuses me that so much have happened in this short span of time I appreciate Sudhir Sharma for capturing each and every event that has took place day by day during the period of Maoist Insurgency period in a very precise and beautiful way The Book is written in a very lucid manner with a mix plot of thriller, suspense, conspiracy, loyalty, betrayal, human greed, human desire, human audacity, human suffering, sacrifices human can make etc I think this book can also be read with these angles apart from documentation of history of Nepal.
The title of book Politics.

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