Of The JonBenet Ramsey Case Was The Only Book To Suggest Something Other Than The Two Conventional Scenarios One Of The Ramseys Killed The Child Or An Intruder Did It Presumed Guilty Broadened The Discussion To Include The Involvement Of Child Pornography Child Exploitation Around The Murder This Electronic Version Of The Book Contains Significant New Information Bolstering This Theory And Will Be Updated As Further Developments Trailer È Presumed Guilty: An Investigation into the Jon Benet Ramsey Case, the Media, and the Culture of Pornography PDF by Á Stephen Singular Warrant I am reading this book for a Research Project for one of my classes It is kind of chilling.
I saw the author and his wife live recently and was convinced of his perspective until I read Steve Thomas s book who was an actual detective on the case and had access to all of the evidence unless the DA didn t share it These cops would not have sacrificed their lives and marriages to go after an innocent family if that is not where the evidence led They also chased down thousands of other leads and did not just ignore anything pointing away from Patsy.
Over Looked Alternate 3rd Angle To An Unsolved 20 Year Old Cold Mysterious Murder Stephen Singular Presents Materials In A Well Written Research Book With A 3rd Theory Very Insightful Perception By Author Author Is Objective Brilliant Mind A disappointmentThis is a strange little book that sheds almost no light on the JonBen t Ramsey case Singular seems obsessed with somehow tying JonBen t s death in with some international child pornography ring, but never gives us anything beyond his obsession He has a little of the usual fun with the media, even bringing Princess Di s death into it, but adds nothing new The culture of pornography is addressed only in the most oblique and cursorily way I had the sense that Singular went to Boulder, Colorado thinking he might uncover something for a book, failed and came up with this mishmash, and had a deadline to meet Dennis Littrell, author of the sensational mystery novel, Teddy and Teri This book is kind of a mess Singular indicates at the outset that he ll be dealing with the JonBenet Ramsey case from aor less sociological perspective, looking at how the sexual exploitation of young girls is being mainstreamed into American culture the book was published all the way back in 1999 , but then heor less just presents his work on the case as an investigative journalist Sure, he raises the child pornography issue, and he does reflect on the ethics of showing little girls off on stage even in the supposed good, clean fun atmosphere of child beauty pageants, but he never examines these things in anything approaching systematic analysis or research.
Instead, he provides an often repetitive, sometimes rambling account of his adventures shuttling theories between the B » Presumed Guilty: An Investigation into the Jon Benet Ramsey Case, the Media, and the Culture of Pornography ↠´ Good readThis book brought forth some interesting information I haven t read anywhere like the poems and the world of child pornography Its tragic how less has been done to solve this child s murder and how most efforts have gone on fighting ego battles or fixating on the Ramseys.
I think I agree with the author s theory Unfortunately the book is just not well written in terms of laying out the facts of his investigation in a clear manner Also, the actual events leading up to the murder including at least publicly disclosed autopsy information are excluded For that reason, it s hard for me to say I m a100% on board with this theory He s left a lot out.
This book lacks on actual facts The writing is alright, but when I picked this book up, I had the intention on reading about her and what happened to her, not about the authors journey to find information and uncover clues on forty other cases that had nothing to do with her at all A disappointment and a waste of my time.
The author raised some sorta interesting though purely speculative ideas and managed to get through the entire book without JonBen t s name correctly even once I won t say it adds absolutely nothing of value, but it s probably not worth the bandwidth I expended to read it.

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