This is one of the best wrestler bios I ve read and I ve read a lot of them Ignore what Bret Hart, Honkey Talk, and others say in shoot interviews on Youtube about the Dynamite Kid and his book He s no bitter and disillusioned than any of the guys putting him down across the Internet and in their own books.
The ultimate wrestler who put his life on the line to entertain and give the paying public value for their money No compromises Pure dynamite He did it his way and he regrets nothing The one and only British Bulldog The Dynamite Kid.
Great read.
Probably like 3.
5 stars.
It s a strange feeling to be have learned of Dynamite Kid s recent passing while reading his book It puts a lot into perspective, and unfortunately, adds to the narrative of the downfall of his career Dynamite was one of the greatest, most innovative wrestlers that pro wrestling had ever seen He wrestled with intense passion for 13 years before he just simply couldn t any too many tolls along the way His reputation for being hard to deal with shines through in this brutally honest autobiography however, I can t help but get the feeling a lot is left out about his own life, both as a wrestler and as a person Either way, I can recommend this to any wrestling fan along with any of his matches RIP Dynamite Kid.
I can see why this book has a reputation as being one of the better ones in the genre It is honest and raw Dynamite doesn t run from admitting that he was a steroid abusing jerk, and is very forthcoming about the toll his wrestling style took on his body He ended up in a wheelchair unable to walk again, and still said he would do his career all over again without changing a thing That really tells you how intoxicating the business can be.
Pure Dynamite: The Price you Pay for Wrestling Stardom Æ A very interesting read I always loved Dynamite Kid and the British Bulldogs they probably are my favorite all time tag team right there with The Rockers and The Heart Foundation just to name a few during a time when tag teams were so popular This book is one of the best ones I ve read and it seemed to be brutally honest about a lot of things including wacky things that boggle the mind This guy was great in the ring and was tough, but he was a bully and easily unlikable as he admits some of the mean things he did to people From other accounts he left out some of the meanest pranks but he wrote enough in my mind This guy was something else and he probably doesn t know why he did some of the things he did Still I recommend this book just to get some insight into this man Like I said he was something and thi I have been re reading several of my wrestling books that I haven t picked up in years to see how they stand up The book is about one half of the former WWF Tag Champions The Birtish Bulldgos, who were one of my favorite teams growing up I saw them when I attended the 1st ever Survivor Series in Richfield, Ohio, and when I saw a taping of Saturday Nights Main Event at the same arena Even though the book is honest about his use of steroids and the pressures on his body and life, the book is full of anger in my opinion There is maybe 1 2 total wrestlers in the book that Billington speaks highly of, while bashing many on their skills or lack thereof He claims that he carried the team of the Bulldogs, that he was supposed to be in a Rocky movie which I ve heard even Kerry Von Erich was to get the role Most of the book talks about Dynamite Is A Blow By Blow Account Of The Career Of Tom Billington, Who Wrestled Solo As The Dynamite Kid, And With Davey Boy Smith As Half Of The British Bulldogs Tag Team Twice World Champion, Billington Was Featured In The Pages Of Playboy Magazine And Was An International Celebrity Although He Should Have Been A Millionaire When He Retired In , After Years Of Professional Wrestling, He Had Little But Memories Are Scar Tissue To Show For It As One Of The First Bona Fide Superstars In ↠´ read ↠´ Pure Dynamite: The Price you Pay for Wrestling Stardom by Tom Billington à The World Wrestling Federation, Billington S Career Parallels The Development Of The WWF, From The Early Days To The Decade Following The First Wrestlemaina Event At Madison Square Gardens In He Worked With Every Major Promoter, And Wrestled With Some Of The Biggest Names In The Sport His Story Is A Candid Expose Of The Highs And Lows Of A Cultural Phenomenon That Is Still Growing Today Now Confined To A Wheelchair As A Result Of Serious Damage To His Back And Legs, His Years Of Steroid Use Have Also Damages Billington S Heart And Personal Life Pure Dynamite Is As Much A Cautionary Tale As It Is A Glimpse Into The World Of A Wrestling Legend Tom The Dynamite Kid Billington s biography is a very interesting story of a wrestler who was a part of the 1980 s surge in the popularity of professional wrestling But, while this era is give some discussion, Billington gives equal billing to the time that he spent learning the craft in England, Canada, and Japan I never realized what a legitimate tough guy the Kid was as well as a locker room prankster I also didn t have any idea of the falling out between him and The British Bulldog Sadly, Billington s story does not end happily as he is wheelchair bound today but his story is an important chapter in the history of professional wrestling originally posted on.
com This is a very good Pro Wrestling book from one of the very best talents of the late 80 s to mid 90 s, but the cynicism and disdain for his fellow workers and far too many friends weighs down many of stories Factor in too the terrible toll that steroids took upon the author s body and you ll find yourself suffering a great deal of sadness as a result While the book certainly aims to act as a cautionary tale, it s still a shame that someone this good should have suffered so much and enjoyed the amazing moments they created so little.
Were I to rate this book properly I would rate it 5 stars for the frankness and descriptions of wrestling life, but 1 star for the narcissistic inconsistencies.
Basically, he paints a very realistic picture of the wrestling world, yet most of his hate and stories vs others have been debunked by other wrestlers Even wrestlers who don t like each other and never agree on anything will say Dynamite is lying about many parts and unwilling to accept blame for his personal shortcomings.

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