Once I got used to the academic language, this book provided new knowledge and insight Particularly of interest were the explanations regarding same sex relations between working class men and male sex in public places.
If youre a gay man living in London in 2006, and youre regularly out on the scene, you have lots of gay friends, you perhaps go on gay holidays, you shop at gay stores, and are out at work, and you are generally proud of yourself but you sometimes wonder what life might have been like for your equivalents fifty years ago then this book might shed some light on that question read it and realise how far we have come in that time Here is a description of the entirely underground, secretive world with which you would have had to engage should you just have wanted to have a drink with like minded souls in London in the first half of the 20th century Dont let anyone tell you things were better in the old days because here is definite evidence to the contrary things were quite obviously very bad indeed at that time for Londons gay men, and presumably worse in the provinces.
Dont expe A dry, technical, and academic look at queer subculture in London between 1918 and 1957 Interesting in that it reduces to a science the rather inexpressible notions and progressions of gay life There is certainly a parallel to be found between the passive excluded marginalized subculture pride progression of gays and other social movements Houlbrook tries to weave in personal stories that humanize the concepts presented, and while he does a good job in those parts, the people reading such a book are in no need of convincing the parts serve only to make the technical bits endurable A great book, I m sure, for academics, but not for pleasure reading.
Continued at ☆ Queer London: Perils and Pleasures in the Sexual Metropolis, 1918-1957 (The Chicago Series on Sexuality, History, and Society) ✓ an excellent historical narrative On Queer life in London in that era It provides insights from diverse perspectives Fascinating contributions to the literature.

As social history, the book is very interesting Houlbrook delves into newspaper archives and the Public Record Office to create a picture of gay London in the early and mid 20th century He cleverly uses magistrate court records, local council records, and newspaper archives to describe how gay men carved a niche for themselves in London As a descriptive account of the period, the book works very well, and I finished with a very good sense of what it was like to be gay in London in the period But the text is full of sociological jargon, Houlbrook seemingly writing to push his facts into almost every theory of minority group emergence and development in the larger society That makes a lot of the book a hard read if you didn t major in sociology or political scienc Perhaps it isn t for non academics But this book is an invaluable examination of the tension between public v private and the ways in which queer subculture played out in the metropole of London With a vast array of sources, Houlbrook challenges the traditional Whiggish history that suggests there was a coming out moment for gay men in London He skillfully recreates the underground society of queer culture that emerged in response to police scrutiny and the increasingly private culture of homosexuality in the 20th century His four main sections on Police, Places, People, and Politics create an easy to follow structure, and his thread of the public and private practices of queer culture are thoroughly refreshing This is a must read, perhaps not for the public at large, but This is a thoroughly well researched academic book but you immediately notice how easy it is to read with a perfect balance between precise analysis and accessibility The book uses numerous personal stories and examples to illustrate the various points and really draws you into the complex lives that were necessary for its subjects and the shadowy world they were forced to inhabit This book will interest anyone who has even a passing interest in the subject and is well worth reading It even looks good on your coffee table.
August , Young Cyril L Wrote To His Friend Billy About All The Exciting Men He Had Met, The Swinging Nightclubs He Had Visited, And The Vibrant New Life He Had Forged For Himself In The Big City He Wrote, I Have Only Been Queer Since I Came To London About Two Years Ago, Before Then I Knew Nothing About It London, For Cyril, Meant Boundless Opportunities To Explore His Newfound Sexuality But His Freedom Was Limite He Was Soon Arrested, Simply Download Epub Format à Queer London: Perils and Pleasures in the Sexual Metropolis, 1918-1957 (The Chicago Series on Sexuality, History, and Society) PDF by ✓ Matt Houlbrook For Being In A Club Frequented By Queer Men Cyril S Story Is Matt Houlbrook S Point Of Entry Into The Queer Worlds Of Early Twentieth Century London Drawing On Previously Unknown Sources, From Police Reports And Newspaper Expos S To Personal Letters, Diaries, And The First Queer Guidebook Ever Written, Houlbrook Here Explores The Relationship Between Queer Sexualities And Modern Urban Culture That We Take For Granted Today He Revisits The Diverse Queer Lives That Took Hold In London S Parks And Streets Its Restaurants, Pubs, And Dancehalls And Its Turkish Bathhouses And Hotels As Well As Attempts By Municipal Authorities To Control And Crack Down On Those Worlds He Also Describes How London Shaped The Culture And Politics Of Queer Life And How London Was In Turn Shaped By The Lives Of Queer Men Ultimately, Houlbrook Unveils The Complex Ways In Which Men Made Sense Of Their Desires And Who They Were In So Doing, He Mounts A Sustained Challenge To Conventional Understandings Of The City As A Place Of Sexual Liberation And A Unified Queer Culture A History Remarkable In Its Complexity Yet Intimate In Its Portraiture, Queer London Is A Landmark Work That Redefines Queer Urban Life In England And Beyond A Ground Breaking Work While Middle Class Lives And Writing Have Tended To Compel The Attention Of Most Historians Of Homosexuality, Matt Houlbrook Has Looked Widely And Found A Rich Seam Of New Evidence It Has Allowed Him To Construct A Complex, Compelling Account Of Interwar Sexualities And To Map A New, Intimate Geography Of London Matt Cook, The Times Higher Education Supplement Winner Of History Today S Book Of The Year Award,

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