I really enjoy all of Larson s books His characters aren t goody two shoes or politically correct Believable people with talents rising to the occasion Blake in this series reminds me of his character McGill in the Undying Mercenaries series in his willingness to be crafty and break the rules of unfair civilizations One of Larson s messages seems to be that you shouldn t let yourself get crushed by the system The rules followers need the rules breakers in order to survive I hopebooks come in this series.
Hunt Us They Bomb Our Worlds For Target Practice A Star Cluster In The Constellation Of Orion Rotates Once Every , Years Those Who Rule There Have An Ancient Tradition When Each Cycle Ends, They Train Their Fleets By Spilling The Blood Of Lesser Beings The Enemy Fleets Are Coming Again In Response, The Rebel Worlds Gather Their Starships To Face The Terrifying Threat, And This Time Humanity Is Asked To Stand With Them The Last Time They Considered Earth, Vikings In Longboats Were ê read µ Rebel Fleet by B.
Larson È Raiding English Coastlines Today, We Re Less Primitive Today, We Re A Target One Man Is Chosen To Command Earth S Single Ship In The Rebel Fleet When The War Breaks Out, Leo Blake Must Win Itor Die Trying Classic B V Larson This Book Grabs You By The Plasma Cannon And Won T Let Go Fast Adventure, Fast Action And I Loved The Space Battles S Arthur At first, I wasn t sure what the heck was going on, and I wasn t sure that I would like this book But, after the main character Leo Blake begins his Rebel Fleet training I was completely hooked, and loved the story Very interesting and real implications vis a vis Earth and a future alien encounter i.
e we are primitive The way the Rebel Fleet operates is very interesting and well imagined Fascinating C2 structure Survival of the fittest at its core Ù Rebel Fleet ë Starts strange for a space fleet style book but it takes off Lt Blake is a great character, beach bum and navel officer now with an alien star fleet defending the rebel alliance against the imperial fleet When an Earth man is set lose on a group of multi planet rebels the fun begins Really enjoyed this book, reading number two already I think its better.
This is a different kind of story I love it and it only gets better when you read it a second time Do yourself a favor and add the Audible narration and hear this too It s worth it to support BVL to create great reads like this Don t forget to put up some stars and review to show your support I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will definitely continue the series This is clearly an experienced writer in the genre There are some really ingenious and unexpected twists in this story A very strong earth bound opening that leaved you guessing develops into an ever expanding space opera with everything you can expect, andI especially appreciate the pace of the story, and the ever present humor It is not a pretentious novel, and that makes it just perfect for me Add a few touches of subtle interstellar dating Mia the catwoman and it just gets better Epic spacebattles are thrown in, of course Can t wait for the next one Well done

I love all of B.
V Larson s books series However, this one is my least favorite It was still great, but I just couldn t get into the main, or even minor, characters, both heroes and Villains At the end of the story, I didn t feel any emotional connection to any of them I wasn t really rooting for the good guys to win or charged up to see the bad guys get there proper dues In fact there really wasn t a proper Bad guy, everyone was just doing working for what they thought was the right thing to do I really did like the universe and the ships and tech that this story took place in with I would still read any new books if this becomes a series.
An interesting suggestion that multiple civilizations have been cultivated and bred as predator societies and used as sporting preserves by a jaded galactic imperium When Earth stribal mindset is pulled into the mix the predator s are flabbergasted and defeated by such dishonorable acts as disguise, lies, subterfuge.
, and teamwork.
It was a fun book to read, and I immediately read the sequel Who were the mysterious Nomads What would Earth do next Would the Hero retire to Montana and fish for the rest of his life

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