This book is beyond any positive review I could possibly write, I ve tried to select some quotes from it, but I found myself selecting the whole book as a favorite content It exceeds all my expectations, and to be honest it said all what I hoped to say one day, and every word I was unable to rephrase or confess with to my loved one Salutations Mr Amari for this great work, and my deep warm salutations for all the good men and women out there, you all deserve better, be a better human for the sake of your and your partner s goodness To my loved woman, I ll say it and show it to you, once we meet again isA Allah, my GOD make it soon.
Good publicity, too many sponsored posts and creative writing Like literally creative with italics and all brought me this book This is a very easy and light read I actually read it in one sitting Image grab at tumblrSee Who wouldn t be curious on a book with a strong introductions like that Turns out, those weren t introductions but are seriously the content of a whole page And I thought, wow, this book is too costly considering the number of words it contains.
The book contains advises for women on how to not settle in any less from a man, advises for men to be a better man for his woman and advises for partners on how to have a long and lasting relationship considering it s that easy.
Overall, it s an Okay read I had issues with it But I think in the long run, I would like to recommend this book to youn Reflection of a man , ,, 270, .
25 , , , , from one man to another .
I m in my quarter life crisis and I don t need shit from this book I was really compelled to read this because there have been a number of requests of this book in our local bookstores This is a self help book for those who are in a relationship and for those who are looking for one and wants some guidance as to how being in a mutual relationship is all about I have nothing against this book, I mean yeah, a lot of things written here are really helpful for those people who seem to have no idea what they are getting into.
To be honest I already know most of the things I ve read here, If you have been in a few relationships, I m sure you already felt what true love is, or not or you re able to distinguish what kind of people suits you , I m sure you ve bee This book is divided into 3 parts For woman, for man and for both.
Part 1 puts woman to lift her standards and settle for nothing less from a manPart 2 is directed to men on how to raise yourself up to that standardPart 3 toucheson how to maintain the intimacy between both partnersTo be honest, I personally think that this book istargeted towards the broken hearted and ill fated relationship And it covers the topics well for the targeted audience and helps you to carry yourself and move on.
Thus, it makes a great reading for singles planning to start a relationship or those in pre marital relationship with no commitment attached, as you can always simply walk away from the person you feel not the right one.
However, for married couples, termination of marriage puts too much at stake and a different approach is needed to save whatever is left Not to judge, but I have a sense that the author You just have to say to yourself, I am not willing to accept anything less than what I deserve I am smart I am Beautiful I am a good woman and I deserve to be happy It all starts with youReflections Of A Man by Amari Soul is a very inspiring read for both men and women It gives lesson for us to be inspired about I am really speechless after I read this, the weird thing was I really felt energized and enlightened while devouring this book.
All the things Mr Amari Soul wrote were really a quotable worthy.
One thing that I just noticed that there were repeated sayings in the book All in all, it still an inspirational book to read Wordpress Instagram Twitter Tumblr Of A Man Is A Book Designed For Both Men And Women To Enhance The Quality Of Their Personal Relationships For The Women, It Encourages You To Recognize The True Value Of Your Love, To Reevaluate Your Standards And To Make The Decision That You Will No Longer Settle For Anything Less Than Someone Who Loves You, Respects You, And Truly Makes You Happy For The Men, This Book Will, Not Only Encourage You To Learn About The Emotional Needs [Amari Soul] ☆ Reflections Of A Man [mental-health PDF] read Online à Of A Woman, But It Will Provide You With Clear Insight Into What A Woman Truly Needs From You, Emotionally, To Be Happy Through Beautiful Words Of Poetry, Powerful Quotes And Advice Full Of Wisdom, Mr Amari Soul Creates A Truly Enlightening Experience For Both Men And Women With Reflections Of A Man On One Hand, Women Gain A New Perspective On The True Value Of Their Love, Raise Their Standards And Refuse To Settle On The Other Hand, Men Become Better Equipped To, Not Only Understand A Woman S Emotional Needs, But They Are Better Able To Meet Or Exceed Their New Standards As Well ç Reflections Of A Man Þ With a big heart I gave it 3 stars Actually it s 2.
55 Coming to the book Quick read Good Not my type Beautifully composed I like the writing style, don t get me wrong, I m talking about the italic writing style of quotations Impressive coverLet me highlight the basic pattern of the book In every chapter you have to go through this 1 One topic e.
g The cost of love 2 A beautiful quotation related to the topic 3 Explanation 4 Notes your homework That s how the whole book is written, with advices, advices advices to men, women and to both then Mr.
Amari said he s not a love guru, sorry to say but the way he s addressing it seems like he s a love guru I know one thing whenever someone is in love or whenever any relationship is at the verge of break up, no one could remember these ad An inspiring book which revealed many truths, I found myself screaming, THAT S SO TRUE or YES YES YES but there were some things attributed to male behaviour that I had in fact done myself I did kind of feel like it ultimately provided an unrealistic view of what love is as the focus is primarily on the treatment of women For awholistic view it would have been nice to see what was thought about the treatment of men I think it does muchfor female empowerment than a broken heart After this not only did it confirm how much I invested myself into someone else but how I d complete lost who I was and what I was no longer willing to take I wish I could just frame most of these quotes for my wall.
I really enjoyed this book Amari is definitely a wise man who truly cherishes love and relationships He opened up my eyes to a lot while allowing me to see things from a different perspective and I appreciate that Such a refreshing read

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