I m on the job, learning on my own time and have found my most effective option for continuing to expand my abilities is to stick with Paul Aubin s books His books are well organized for creating a foundation and building on it plus the steps for each task are clearly laid out, no guess work or time lost This particular book lays out the whys and then dives in with his typical well thought out procedures.
The Power Of The Revit Family Editor To Create Complex Forms Drawn From Classical Architecture This Book Brings Together Three Of The Author S Favorite Things Architecture, History And Revit In A Hands On Manual Like Nothing Else Available From The Foreword Paul Aubin Has Carved Out A Distinctive Niche In The Overlapping Worlds Of BIM, Revit Plus His Ability To Share That Enthusiasm With Others In This Book He Has Taken That Approach To A New Level, Seizing On One Of His Long Term Interests, Embarking [ read Online Renaissance Revit: Creating Classical Architecture with Modern Software Þ queer-lit PDF ] by Mr.
Paul F.
Aubin õ On A Journey Of Discovery, And Sharing The Results With His Audience And There Is No Better Way To Deepen Your Insight Than To Build Your Own Versions Of The Classical Orders Using A Programme Like RevitI Think Paul Has Hit Upon An Explosive Combination Let Him Draw You In And Take You On Two Rides For The Price Of One Let The Synergy Generated By The Disparate Worlds Of Software History Drive Your Learning Experience Forward You May Well Find That, Like A Child, You Learn New Skills And Knowledge In An Effortless Riot Of Exploratory Play So Buy The Book, Make The Journey And Take Your BIM Pencil For A Walk Across The Virtual Pages Of History This is an awesome book Very awesome Does require reviewing Logic Operators , Trigonometry and Geometry if they are rusty Mine certainly are I got a good quarter of the way through the book and now have to put it on hold until completion of the review above I would consider this a must have for the student of Revit Architecture It is such a good book that I almost didn t want to leave a review about it to keep it a secret.
ñ Renaissance Revit: Creating Classical Architecture with Modern Software ↠´ This book and its exercises cut right through Revit s otherwise overwhelming user interface Most importantly, it help Revit users engage in beautiful design work outside the contemporary box and angle geometry to which the software seems to lend itself most readily Thanks to Mr Aubin for his work as a teacher who sees a bigger picture.
Great Book Def worth purchasing for anybody looking to improve their family making capabilities Paul does a excellent job demonstrating the family creation process Easy to understand and follow along I highly recommend getting this book if you want to become aproficient Revit practitioner.
Very well done book, lot of stuff to learn about group, family and others stuff about Revit, great book from a well known author who knows about Revit

Ottimo libro, se si ha un minimo di familiarita con l inglese Sfruttare il bim per quanto di pi parametrico esiste in architettura, gli ordini classici, non ha prezzo Un ottimo manuale con spiegazioni dettagliate per imparare a padroneggiare le famiglie di Revit Richiede una buona conoscenza delle tecniche di base.

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