How To Use Rust To Write Fast, Secure, And Concurrent Systems And Applications About This Book Learn How To Create Secure And Blazingly Fast Programs In Rust Start Working With Rust In A Multicore And Distributed Environment Explore The Core Characteristics Of Rust Safety, Performance, And Concurrency To Build Error Free And Robust Code Who This Book Is For This Book Is Intended For Software Developers Interested In Systems Level And Application Programming, And Are [ Pdf Rust Essentials ☆ microhistory PDF ] by Ivo Balbaert ☆ Looking For A Quick Entry Into Using Rust And Understanding The Core Features Of The Framework It Is Assumed That You Have A Basic Understanding Of Java, C , Ruby, Python Or JavaScript What You Will Learn Set Up Your Rust Environment For Maximum Productivity Bridge The Performance Gap Between Safe And Unsafe Languages With Rust Use Pattern Matching To Create Flexible Code Apply Generics And Traits To Develop Widely Applicable Code Organize Your Code In Modules And Crates Build Macros To Extend Rust S Capabilities And Reach Apply Threads To Tackle Problems Concurrently And In Distributed Environments Interface With C And Isolate Unsafe Code In Detail Starting By Comparing Rust With Other Programming Languages, This Book Will Show You Where And How To Use Rust It Will Discuss Primitive Types Along With Variables And Their Scope, Binding And Casting, Simple Functions, And Ways To Control Execution Flow In A ProgramNext, The Book Covers Flexible Arrays, Vectors, Tuples, Enums, And Structs You Will Then Generalize The Code With Higher Order Functions And Generics Applying It To Closures, Iterators, Consumers, And So On Memory Safety Is Ensured By The Compiler By Using References, Pointers, Boxes, Reference Counting, And Atomic Reference Counting You Will Learn How To Build Macros And Crates And Discover Concurrency For Multicore ExecutionBy The End Of This Book, You Will Have Successfully Migrated To Using Rust And Will Be Able To Use It As Your Main Programming Language Contrariamente ad altri commenti qui su goodreads, ho trovato questo manuale molto pi chiaro e ben organizzato rispetto a quello ufficiale.
Pur dando per scontato i fondamenti della programmazione cosa siano una variabile e un ciclo, per esempio , procede velocemente ma in modo molto chiaro a spiegare i concetti del linguaggio, e contiene molte informazioni completamente assenti nel manuale ufficiale.
Diventa sempre pi vago verso la fine, purtroppo, lasciando un po troppi dubbi sulle parti pi avanzate del linguaggio, ma probabilmente la loro trattazione completa avrebbe richiesto almeno altri due manuali della dimensione di questo.
Its a pretty solid initial introduction to Rust I used this as a primer for some of the books that are available online from the Rust community and for that purpose it was perfectly adequate.
This is a sufficient guide for learning the new Rust programming language It s not very well written, and it doesn t cover very much, but it will give you the gist It describes most of the basic concepts, but glosses over them too much for my tastes It suffers from the same problems that the official Rust book has, which makes me wonder if he just took that book and re wrote it in his own words Cha ching Still, it did help me understand one or two things that have vexed me before, which I feel is sufficient to earn 3 stars The author is not very good with English there are many basic grammar mistakes which I guess is fine, but doesn t this publisher hire any editors ✓ Rust Essentials Ò This book was a great introductory into the world of Rust for programmers It covered a brief overview of the unique aspects of Rust This was not an in depth introduction to programmer, so it would be very terse for beginners.
To be honestthe book is not badbut if you have read the Book of Rust beforethen this book doesn t really add that muchMy take isif you re new to Rustthen this is a nice and small introductionbut if you already have some Rust experiencejust move on This essential book was extremely helpful in my understanding of Rust grammar, syntax, and pragmatics Thanks Ivo for writing an extremely concise, no bullshit book.
worked as an early book, but superseded now

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